Cornwall has one of the lowest development charge schedules in Ontario - including no development charges on manufacturing projects.

Development charges are the fees levied on residential and non-residential properties to help a city finance new infrastructure and municipal services. They are not the only costs involved in a development project: building permit fees, zoning application fees and other charges can all add up to a significant amount even on small projects.

Development charges may not always be readily evident in assessing the cost of moving to a city, as the charges may be absorbed by the contractor and recovered with a higher asking price for the property.


Brookdale Avenue North Corridor Area-Specific Development Charges
** New ** Development Charges Background Study - June 2020

The City of Cornwall undertook an update of the 2017 Development Charges Background Study for the  Brookdale Avenue North Corridor. This study was prepared pursuant to the requirements of the Development Charges Act, 1997 (section 10), and accordingly, recommends new area-specific development charges and policies.

Prior to Council considering the by-law for passage, as required under section 12 of the Development Charges Act, a public meeting must be held. This meeting has been scheduled for July 27, 2020 . Its purpose is to present the study to the public and to solicit public input on the proposed D.C. by-law.

Please click on the following link to review the study: Brookdale Avenue North Corridor Background Study for Public Circulation and Comment


Development Charge By-Laws

  • By-Law 2020-112 - for the Impositions of Area-Specific Development Charges within Brookdale Ave North Corridor
  • By-Law 2018-038 - for the Impositions of City-Wide Development Charges

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