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The Purchasing Section is responsible for the coordination of fair and transparent procurement processes for the acquisition of goods, services and construction in support of the operations of the City, in accordance with the Purchasing By-Law, policies and procedures. The purchasing section encourages competition and ensures service and product delivery in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner, while protecting the financial best interests of the City.

In addition, the section works in partnership with staff across the Corporation to achieve value for money over the total life cycle of the goods and services and to minimize the costs of administering the procurement process. 

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Purchasing Policies

Procurement of Goods and/or Services Policy (FI-2019-09-09-2)

Supplier Discipline Policy (FI-2019-09-09-3)

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Supplier Attestation Form

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The City of Cornwall's Bid Opportunities Website was created to provide openness, accountability and transparency to the City of Cornwall’s procurement of goods, services and construction.

Bidders can create an account free of charge which permits the bidder to register for a bid opportunity. (Important: please create one account only per organization, additional contact may be added to this account)

Features available to bidders:

  • Email Notification of new bid opportunities, changes to bid status
  • Download documents and request forms on-line
  • Access to addenda, clarification, supplemental information
  • View bid results

It is very important to select categories/sub categories aligned with your business. Bid opportunities posted to the City’s website are set-up using the category/sub category that best describes the scope of work. Registered users will receive email notifications automatically whenever a new bid opportunity aligning with selected interests (category/sub category) are posted.

Bidders must register for the bid document to be listed as a plan taker. (Note: The City of Cornwall does not release the list of plan takers). There may be a document fee applicable to some bid opportunities.

 Communication during the Bidding Process

It shall be the bidder’s responsibility to clarify any points in question with Purchasing Services prior to a bid closing.  Neither the Corporation, its employees, nor its agents shall be responsible for any information or instructions given to bidders, with the exception of information or instructions provided by way of an addendum from the Purchasing Supervisor (or designate).

Any responses made on behalf of the Corporation will be via email or through the issuance of an addendum or clarification.

What is an addendum?
Bidders may, during the bidding period, be advised by Addendum of any additions, deletions or alterations to the Bid Documents.  All such changes shall be included in the bid and shall become part of the contract. Before you submit your bid to us,it is the bidder responsibility to check our website.

 How to Submit

Instructions for how to submit your bid are located within each bid solicitation. Please read the instructions carefully and make note of the due date.

Bids on City issued Tenders must be delivered to the City Clerk, 360 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario  K6H 5T9 before 11:00:00 am of the specified date in the envelope provided with the bid documentation.  All tender bid envelopes are to be date and time stamped upon receipt by the City Clerk.

Request for Proposal's are to be submitted before the closing time to Purchasing Services, 100 Water Street East, Suite 104, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 6G4.

Request for Quotations are to be submitted before the closing time to Purchasing Services at 100 Water Street East, Suite 104, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 6G4, by fax 613-932-5919 or by clicking here to email the Purchasing department.

Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) Notice of Participation – Buying Groups

The CFTA requires public sector organizations such as the City of Cornwall to post a Notice of Participation if participating in buying groups. The City of Cornwall participates/intends to participate in the buying groups identified in the link below. For further information and access to these procurements, please visit the following websites: 

Surplus Items for Sale

The City of Cornwall occasionally has surplus items such as furniture, vehicles and equipment that go on sale in an open, confidential bidding process using the GovDeals website.

GovDeals is an online government surplus auction platform to sell surplus and obsolete items via the Internet. 

Items for sale can be viewed online by clicking here.



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