Pop-Up Shop Container Program

The City of Cornwall's innovative program to revitalize downtown and promote local economic activity in the wake of COVID-19 is live as of July 9! Re-discover local artists and artisans, browse your favourite shop's wares, and support community non-profits at one of three pop-up shop containers.

Le Fleuve and Kizis containers are located next to the Cornwall Square, at the corner of Pitt Street and First Street, and Village Place is located in the Port Theatre parking lot at 132 Montreal Road.

Discover the Pop-Ups

Date Name of Vendor Location
Thursday, August 6 United Way Le Fleuve
Friday, August 7 Soft Play & Empathy Dolls Le Fleuve
Friday, August 7 Hope4Cornwall/Bible Baptist Village Place
Saturday, August 8 & Sunday, August 9 J.K. Van Noy Artist & Creative Kizis
Sunday, August 9 DG Vintage Kizis
Thursday, August 13 Molten Design Kizis
Friday, August 14 Seaway Valley Theatre Co. Le Fleuve
Friday, August 14 Soft Play & Empathy Dolls Kizis
Saturday, August 15 Classy Glass Upcycles Le Fleuve
Saturday, August 15 Little Dove Boutique Kizis
Sunday, August 16 The Handmade Array Le Fleuve
Thursday, August 20 Crafts for Causes Kizis
Friday, August 21 Sunsational Soap & Lotions Le Fleuve
Friday, August 21 Miss D's Creations Kizis
Saturday, August 22 Diversity Cornwall Kizis
Saturday, August 22 Suebel Creations Kizis
Sunday, August 23 Bend & Snap Kizis
Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30 J.K. Van Noy Artist & Creative Kizis
Saturday, August 29 Crafty Stitches & Jewels Le Fleuve
Sunday, August 30 Peek-A-Boo Le Fleuve
Thursday, September 3 The Flying Pig 4 Le Fleuve
Saturday, September 5 Nancy Stitches Le Fleuve
Saturday, September 5 Floral Expressions Kizis
Sunday, September 6 Radical Roots Le Fleuve
Friday, September 11 The Flying Pig 4 Le Fleuve
Friday, September 11 Sunsational Soap & Lotions Kizis
Saturday, September 12 Driftwood Candle Co. Kizis
Saturday, September 12 Parkinson Superwalk Le Fleuve
Sunday, September 13 Radical Roots Kizis
Sunday, September 13 Peek-A-Boo Le Fleuve
Saturday, September 19 MindfuelMik Creations Le Fleuve
September 19 & 20 TwineCone Kizis
Sunday, September 20 Bend & Snap Le Fleuve
Friday, September 25 Adriane's Slime Shop Kizis
Saturday, September 26 The Crooked Barn Le Fleuve
Saturday, September 26 The Agape Centre Kizis
Saturday, October 3 Hillam House & Quilling it Le Fleuve


quilling it sign with owner at pop-up shopRenting a Pop-Up

Rent a pop-up shop container this summer! The program is in effect from Thursday, July 9 until Monday, October 5, and has been designed to allow for vendor sales and not-for-profit community outreach while ensuring compliance with provincial legislation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A pop-up shop is a short-term rental space for small retailers, artisans, artists, and non-profit associations who are currently permitted to operate under Ontario's re-opening legislation, with certain exclusions. Commercial beauty products, food and beverage, resident garage sales, and personal care services (like massage therapy and hair styling) are not permitted uses of the pop-up shop container program.

For a full list of permitted business under Ontario’s reopening legislation, visit their website.

Click here to fill out the Rental Application Form.

Pop-Up Shop Containers

Location Port Theatre Cornwall Square Shop A Cornwall Square Shop B
Address 132 Montreal Rd Corner of Pitt St & First St Corner of Pitt St & First St
Name Village Place Le Fleuve Kizis
Photo pop-up shop pop-up shop pop-up shop


 Program Details
Short-Term Rental Period: A Pop-Up Shop can be rented for a minimum of one (1) day up to a maximum of three (3) days.  Renters are limited to one (1) booking in a two-week period for each Pop-Up Shop location (3 locations in total), until the end of the season. 

Container Details and Accessories: A Pop-Up Shop container measures 10’ (w) x 8’ (d) x 7.5’ (h).  Each rental unit will contain two (2) 3’x6’ folding tables, two (2) plastic chairs, one (1) patio umbrella, one (1) umbrella stand, one (1) plexiglass barrier, and signs for the vendor to use. Should any of these accessory items be damaged or go missing, the renter will be expected to cover the cost of replacements.

Application Process: Cornwall City staff will review your application and contact you within 48hours to confirm availability, your compliance with Ontario’s reopening legislation, and issue a payment invoice. Your booking is not confirmed until your payment has been received and your certificate of insurance has been issued. 

Rental Fees: Includes unit rental, accessories, and third-party insurance under the City of Cornwall policy. 

Rental Fees
Day of the Week Daily Fee HST Total Fee
Sunday to Tuesday $20 $2.60 $22.60
Wednesday to Saturday $25 $3.25 $28.25

Third-Party Insurance: A copy of your insurance certificate will be sent along with your booking confirmation and payment receipt. 

Vendor Permit: You will NOT require a special event or craft show vendor permit to participate in this program.

 After your Booking is Confirmed

artist at pop-up shop containerCity staff will provide the code to a key lock box, location on the right side of the pop-up shop.  Open the lock box from the top downward, and you will see a key pad.  We will provide you with a four digit code to open the lock box and inside will be the key.  Use the key to open the two pad locks on the front of the Pop Up Shop.  Once the pad locks have been removed, slide each latch and then you can roll up the door.  Be sure to use the key pad four digit code in order to re-lock the lock box.  Please note that the hours of the Pop Up Shops are 10:00AM to 9:00PM daily. 

Setup can begin as soon as you have picked up the rental keys. City staff will not be available to help set up/tear down.  Please note that when setting up at the Cornwall Square Pop Up Shops, your vehicle cannot be parked on the grass at any time.  The renter is responsible for all garbage removal at all Pop-Up Shop locations.  Nothing can be permanently affixed to the Pop-Up Shop. If tape of any kind is used, it must be removed immediately after your rental.

Internet, power, and water, if required, are the renter’s responsibility.

The renter is responsible for advertising their Pop-Up Shop along with set hours and their location.  The City of Cornwall will add all confirmed bookings to the Community Calendar for added promotion.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given for no shows or cancellations once you have signed your agreement.

A representative of the Corporation of the City of Cornwall may in his/her sole discretion cancel this agreement where: the renter has not paid prior to their booking date; the renter agreement was transferred without approval of the department; the Pop Up Shop is not being used for the purposes set out in the agreement; there is a breach of terms outlined in the agreement; or the Pop Up Shop requires emergency repairs.

 COVID-19 Precautions and Regulations
Renters should practice 2-metre physical distancing and wear a mask or face guard when not protected by a physical barrier. Renters should practice adequate hand hygiene after servicing each customer by washing their hands with soap and water (or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer) for at least 20 seconds.  Renters should sanitize their point of sale after each transaction and any surface a visitor may have touched.  For more detailed information and guidelines, visit the Eastern Ontario Health Unit's website

Renters are required to bring their own sanitizing solutions, sprays, and\or wipes to use during their rental period.  Cornwall staff will be thoroughly sanitizing each Pop-Up Shop between bookings, but not while occupied.

Cornwall By-law Enforcement Officers will play a supportive role by visiting the Pop-Up Shops on occasion to ensure renters understand and follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.  

 Discover the Artwork

Village Place by Focus Art

Description: The Village Place Pop-up Shop depicts how we are all connected. It illustrates the inclusiveness and respect we should all strive for as we share this planet. The illustrations of people, animals, nature and even mystic creatures are rendered in a very colourful Folk Art that invites passers-by to stop and visit.

Participating Artists: Claudine Trottier, Virginia Lake, Sylvie Labrecque, Elaine MacDonald, Beverly Leroux, Shawn Thomas, Kathleen Morin, Marleene McWilliam, Linda Geisel, and Rose Desnoyers

Kizis by Cailuan Gallery Cornwall

Description: The Kizis container was a collaboration of artists from Cailuan Gallery and it includes several nature scenes. 'The Earth' with tee pee, pods, a bee and flowers. ’The Water’ abundant with fish. ’The Marsh’ full of lush vegetation and the ’The Bird’ soaring across the sky towards the sun. Kizis is an Algonquin word for the ‘Sun'. Being of Algonquin heritage I felt the creative urge to share some visions that came to mind when the project was presented to me. Being an intuitive piece, each artist was given the idea for their side and went on their way to bring it to life. Each of us supporting the other with ideas and a helping hand at times.We hope this bright happy pop up shop will bring many smiles and positive interactions to those who use it or even for those who just sit in the park and enjoy all the details and bright colours.

Participating Artists: Lee Theodore, Kat Rendek, Mandy Prevost, and Tracy Lynn Davies of Cailuan Gallery Cornwall.

Le Fleuve/The River by 125 Pitt Street Studios

Description: We named this container “Le Fleuve” [The river] because communities like Akwesasne and Cornwall grew up and thrived along the river. Rivers connect us in so many ways with their majestic beauty and serenity, and provide habitats and nutrients for many living organisms such as fish, dragonflies and blue herons!

Participating Artists:

  • Heron and Cattails: Jane Macmillan (designer), Kathleen Morin, Linda Geisel
  • Fish of the St. Lawrence: Marleene McWilliam (designer), Louise Mignault, Kimberley Cameron

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