The City of Cornwall provides municipal parking in the Downtown and Le Village commercial areas through a combination of on-street metered parking spots and parking lots.

Click here for parking maps for the Downtown area and for Le Village.

 New: changes to parking regulations

Effective immediately, on-street vehicle parking without moving is now restricted to 24 hours.

Please note that this rule is in effect only where there are no other signs restricting parking to a particular period of time, and when overnight winter parking restrictions are not in effect.

The 24-hour restriction returns the City of Cornwall to a previous by-law standard. For the past three years, the restriction was 7 days. Previous to 2016, the limit was 24 hours.

Based on complaints from the public, and concerns expressed by parking officers, the standard has been returned to 24 hours, as per By-law 2019-112.

Please click here to read the complete by-law.

Questions? Call 613-930-2787 ext. 2225.

 Paid parking at Lamoureux Park boat launch

Beginning Saturday, May 18, boat trailers at the Lamoureux Park boat launch will be required to pay for parking.

Boat trailers and the vehicles towing them must park in designated boat trailer areas.

Cars will not be required to pay for parking, and must not park in boat trailer areas.

A pay-by-plate machine has been installed. Daily parking passes cost $10. Credit cards and cash are accepted, debit cards are not.

Seasonal parking permits are available now at a cost of $40 a month or $100 a season. These are available for purchase at the Civic Complex’s Building and By-Law department on the 2nd floor at 100 Water Street East and at Marina 200.

Boaters who want to purchase a monthly/seasonal pass can retain their receipts from daily permits, which will be put towards the cost of the passes when they become available. 

Revenues from boat launch parking fees will be put towards boat launch improvements.

The area in question is the east parking area behind the RCAF wing. Overflow parking on the grass is permitted but parking fees must still be paid. Please click here to view a map for details about the location.

 On-Street Metered Parking

Several municipal parking lots are available for use within the Downtown and Le Village areas.

The parking lots offer Pay by Plate parking for $1 per hour, and there is a maximum length of stay of 12 hours. The pay by plate parking is a paperless system that works by using a vehicle licence plate number rather than a paper ticket. Receipts are optional.

Residents parking in the Pay by Plate stalls and parking lots are required to pay during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

The fine for parking with no ticket displayed or an improperly displayed ticket is $20.

If you observe a parking meter or Pay & Display machine that isn't working properly, please contact the Building and By-law Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.

 Parking Lots
A limited number of parking spaces in municipal parking lots are reserved for monthly parking permit users.

Monthly parking permits varies in cost depending on location, however there is often a waiting list for the permit spaces that are available.

To enquire about the availability of monthly parking permits or to be added to the waiting list, please contact the Building and By-Law Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.

Please read the Regulations Pertaining to Parking Passes. This form will be provided to you for signature upon the purchase of a City Parking Pass.

 Paying a Parking Ticket 

Parking tickets can be paid in-person at the Building and By-Law Department office on the second floor of the Cornwall Civic Complex (100 Water Street East) during regular business hours.

For added convenience, there are three yellow deposit boxes in the City where residents can deposit their parking ticket payments. The boxes are located at the Cornwall Community Police Service headquarter station (340 Pitt Street), the Civic Complex (west side of front entrance, at the bottom of the stairs) and in front of the parking lot at 342 Montreal Road.

You can also pay online by clicking here.

 Parking Violations and Fines

Offence  Fine
Parked at an expired meter $25
No ticket displayed   $25
Improperly parked - more than 15 cm from curb - one-way street  $30
Improperly parked - wrong angle  $30
Parked in excess of posted time limits  $25
Parked in excess of time limits - loading zone $30
Parked at meter - excess of time limits  $25
Parked more than 12 hours - attendant lots  $30
Parked where prohibited - obstructing driveway or laneway  $30
Parked where prohibited - within 3 metres of a hydrant  $30
Parked where prohibited - within 9 metres of an intersection  $30
Parked - excess of 24 hours $30
Displaying vehicle for sale on street  $30
Parked where prohibited by sign $35
Parked on street - 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. - Nov. 15 to March 31  $30
Unauthorized parking - private property  $30
Parked in public laneway $30
Parked - interfering with maintenance  $30
Vendor stopped in excess of time limit $30
Improperly parked - parking lot $30
Improperly parked on street $30
Parked in accessible parking zone $300
Parked in accessible parking zone - in excess of time limit $50
Improperly parked - one way highway - too far from edge of roadway $30
Parked on boulevard $30
Obstructing snow removal $50
Obstructing highway clearing $30
Parked heavy vehicle overnight - residential area $30
Parked in commercial vehicle loading zone $30
Parked in bus stop $30
Unauthorized parking - attendant lot $30
Stopped where prohibited - on or over sidewalk $40
Stopped where prohibited - within an intersection or pedestrian crossover $40
Stopped where prohibited - impeding flow of traffic $40
Stopped where prohibited - alongside stopped/parked vehicle $40
Stopped in bus stop where prohibited $35
Stopped in school bus loading zone $35
Stopped where prohibited by sign $35
Improperly parked - two-way highway - more than 15 cm from curb $30
Improperly parked - two-way highway - too far from edge of roadway $30
Parked in a fire lane $100
 Plate Denial

Provincial legislation allows municipalities to collect unpaid parking infractions through the Ministry of Transportation by requesting plate denial. The City of Cornwall is connected to such system and your license plate may not be issued by the Ministry of Transportation if there are outstanding fines. Also, at such time, an additional $20.00 is levied to each outstanding ticket in addition to already imposed fees and fines.

To enquire about the status of your unpaid parking tickets or to obtain general information regarding outstanding fines, please contact the Building and By-law Department at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2225.

 Accessible Parking

A registered accessible parking permit must be displayed in a vehicle using any designated accessible parking space. These spaces are signed with a regulation wheelchair symbol.

Applications and eligibility criteria for Accessible Parking permits are available from Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Offices (operated by the Ministry of Transportation) or Service Ontario.

Parking in one of these designated spaces without this permit could result in a $300 fine.

Residents with an Accessible Parking Permit are allowed to park in a metered area for free for a maximum of three hours.

 Free Parking for Veterans 
City Council has passed a By-Law permitting free parking for Veterans who have been issued special licence plates by the Ministry of Transportation. This provision applies to both on-street metered parking spots as well as municipal parking lots.
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