Working with the archaeological consultants WSP-Golder, the City of Cornwall’s Planning Division has prepared the City’s first Archaeological Management Plan. The AMP was presented at the Planning Advisory & Hearing Committee (PAC) meeting of Monday, July 17, 2023 and endorsed by the City Council on Monday, August 14, 2023.  Click here to view By-law 2023-075.

The Archaeological Management Plan (AMP)  establishes a management framework to ensure the future identification, evaluation and conservation of the City of Cornwall’s archaeological resources.  An archaeological resource is a physical object or feature that has cultural heritage value or interest, the term may refer to artifacts and archaeological sites. Archaeological sites in Ontario include Indigenous camps and villages, pioneer homes, burial grounds, shipwrecks and other evidence of past human activity.

The AMP is compliant with relevant provincial legislation and comparable to other municipal plans, and includes recommendations for policies, programs and strategies to protect known and potential archaeological resources. The AMP will serve as a planning tool to assist the City with managing known archaeological resources and identify where and when archaeological assessments should be required at the time of a development application.

A brief history of the document:

May 31, 2023: Public Open House #2 - Benson Centre

  • The Draft Archaeological Management Plan (AMP) was prepared and can be viewed at the link here.
    • The Draft AMP included the following:
      • An overview of the relevant policy and protocols for managing archaeological resources;
      • Indigenous Engagement Protocol for the City;
      • Historical background and known archaeological evidence;
      • Archaeological site potential model for Cornwall; and
      • An outline for when an archaeological assessment is required.
  • The presentation boards displayed at the Open House #2 are available to view by clicking here.
  • The official Public Open House #2 Notice 

July 2022: Research and Background Report 

The first step in the project was the preparation of a Research and Background Report covering:

    • Relevant terrestrial and marine archaeological conditions;
    • Provincial policy and legislation;
    • Municipal practices and policies;
    • Policies and practices for engagement with Indigenous communities;
    • The City of Cornwall’s development planning review processes; and
    • Recommendations to improve the current City of Cornwall development planning review process.

July 5, 2022:  Final Research and Background Report is available to view at the link here.

May 5, 2022: Public Open House #1

Project Timeline

Winter - Spring 2022

  • Research and Background Paper
  • Public Open House #1 and Online Survey

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

  • Draft Archaeological Management Plan
  • Public Open House #2
  • Consultation Report

Summer 2023

Fall 2023

  • Virtual Training Sessions

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