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Situated in scenic Lamoureux Park along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, the Cornwall Civic Complex is a highly versatile and modern facility.

The heart of the Complex is the Ed Lumley Arena, a modern ice rink that boasts state of the art rink boards, seating for up to 5800 people and a versatile sound and light infrastructure.

The Civic Complex can accommodate a variety of events from championship hockey, professional ice skating, weddings, conventions and top entertainment acts such as Nickelback, Alice Cooper and Blue Rodeo.

 Box Office
Example of event ticket for Civic ComplexLooking for tickets? The Cornwall Civic Complex Box Office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., including the lunch hour or call our main office at 613-938-9400. You can purchase tickets online at, or by calling 1-888-655-9090. Please note that our box office is open on hockey game days, two hours prior to game time.
The arena concourse at the Cornwall Civic Complex is a great venue for walkers and joggers of all ages. The facility is free to use daily from 7:00AM to 9:00PM. Please note the availability could be impacted by hockey games and special events. Please refer to our digital TV event board in the main concourse for upcoming meeting and events.
 Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame 

Hall of Fame Colts displayThe Cornwall Civic Complex is also home to the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame. 

The Sports Hall of Fame was created to celebrate the heritage of sport in the community, and to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of the many athletes and builders who have worked hard to promote their own individual sports.

For more information on the Sports Hall of Fame, click here.

 Hockey at the Civic Complex 
Colts Logo

The Ed Lumley Arena is home to the Cornwall Colts of the Central Junior "A" Hockey League.

Click here for the Colts' 2018-2019 home schedule.

 Ice Rentals

The Cornwall Civic Complex is home to the Ed Lumley Arena, widely recognized as one of the finest ice rinks in Ontario. The Ed Lumley Arena has an NHL ice surface measuring 85' by 200'.  Ice is maintained from August to April each year.

Ice Rental Fees at Cornwall Civic Complex (Ed Lumley Arena)

Client Fee H.S.T. Total
Prime Time (after 4 p.m. and weekends)      
Regular Client $208.05 $27.04 $235.09
Occasional Client $208.05 $27.04 $235.09
Youth Hockey Team $208.05 $27.04 $235.09
Non-Prime Time (before 4 p.m. weekdays and 11 p.m. to midnight)      
Regular Client $145.64 $18.93 $164.57
Occasional Client $145.64 $18.93 $164.57
Subsidized Clients      
Minor Hockey $124.77 $16.22 $140.99
Summer Floor - fees are in effect from May to mid-August 2018      
Prime Time $90.40 $11.75 $102.15
Non-Prime Time $63.28 $8.23 $71.51
Minor Hockey $54.24 $7.05 $61.29


To book ice time, or for more information, please contact Norma Lefebvre at 613-938-9898 extension 1.


Ice Rental Rules:

The applicant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations stated below. Ice rental contracts are subject to the following conditions:

  1. One hour of ice consists of 50 minutes.
  2. All payments hereunder shall be made payable to the "City of Cornwall", 360 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 3P9.
  3. Once the ice contract is confirmed, any cancellations are subject to a fee.
  4. No objects or individuals are to be on the ice when the zamboni is resurfacing the rink. This posting will be strictly adhered to by the maintenance staff.
  5. In regards to our meeting rooms/arena, all clients shall not nail, hook, tack, screw, staple, or tape any items onto any part of the building, fixtures, or equipment contained therein, which includes the walls, brick, glass, floor, ceiling, tables, and the insulated flooring system.  Repair or replacement for any and all damages will be the responsibility of the user.
  6. Applicant and/or his agent shall not pledge the credit of the City of Cornwall and shall save it harmless against any and all claims for damages against persons or property which may arise during or as a consequence of this agreement or the occupation arising hereunder.
  7. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons using the facility while occupied by the applicant.
  8. The applicant shall comply and ensure the compliance of all persons using the facility, while occupied by the applicant, with these regulations.
  9. The applicant shall, if he/she wishes to have liquor or beer at or in the facility, make the appropriate arrangements with the provincial agency responsible therefore and obtain the requisite permit of license prior to occupying the facility.
  10. All articles brought to the facility for use by the applicant or persons using the facility when occupied by the applicant, shall be removed forthwith at the termination of the applicant's occupation of the premises.
  11. All exits, fire extinguishers, and pull stations shall be kept free from obstruction at all times during the applicants occupancy of the facility.
  12. Any regulation posted in a facility are in addition to the conditions set out herein and shall be complied with in the same manner and to the same extent as thought they were specifically referred to in condition (8) hereof.
  13. In some cases, a facility is provided with personnel who are on duty in that facility, in which the applicant shall take direction from such personnel and comply with such direction.
  14. Except as authorized on the face of this permit, no admission charge, collection or sale of refreshments shall take place.
  15. In the case of a special event an additional charge may be imposed where performing rights are involved in which the applicant shall pay the amount thereof as soon as ascertained.
  16. All charges shall be paid in advance except in the case of performing rights where the department shall estimate the amount thereof and the applicant shall pay the amount of the estimate before issuance of this permit.
  17. The Complex Manager herein referred to as the "Manager" may in his/her sole discretion cancel this permit where:
    (A) the facility is required for departmental purposes.
    (B) the permit was secured by misrepresentation.
    (C) this permit was transferred without approval of the department.
    (D) the facility is not being used for the purposes set out in the application.
    (E) there has been a breach of the regulations posted in the facility or set out herein.
    (F) the facility required technical or emergency repairs which can not be performed at any other time.
  18. Where the Manager uses the power to cancel set forth in the previous condition, he/she shall give notice to the applicant as soon as possible thereafter, by whatever means may be available to him/her.
  19. In the case of an overpayment by an applicant of any of the City charges for the use of a facility, the Manager shall take such steps as are necessary to cause a refund to be made.
  20. Where a facility has been damaged, the Manager shall first notify the applicant of the damage and request the applicant to repair or make good the damage forthwith at his/her expense.
  21. If the applicant fails to respond favourably to such request or delays in taking any action, the Manager shall obtain (2) estimates of the cost to repair and inform the applicant of the quotes and request payment in advance of the cost of the acceptable estimate.
  22. Where payment is not made pursuant to the previous clause, the Manager may in his sole discretion have the work done to his/her satisfaction and the cost thereof shall be recovered according to law.
  23. I, the applicant have read over the foregoing conditions set out in clauses 1 to 23 hereof, and agree to them and undertake to comply with them.

If you would like more information about renting ice at the Civic Complex or the Benson Centre, please call Norma Lefebvre, Facility Rental Clerk at (613) 938-9898 ext 1.

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 Events Schedule
The Civic Complex is host to many events throughout the year.  Please see below for a listing of upcoming public events.  For more information, call the Cornwall Civic Complex Administration office at (613) 938-9400.  Box Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


January 2020:

January 7: Blood Donor Clinic
January 11-12: Suds & Saps Festival
January 19: Princess Ball
January 21: Alzheimer Society "Soups On" 
January 27 to February 2: Ontario Curling Championships (Men's & Ladies)

February 2020:
February 1-2: Ontario Curling Championships (Men's & Ladies)
February 4: Blood Donor Clinic
February 7: Montreal Canadiens Alumni Game Vs Choose Cornwall Legends
February 8: Ontario Cheerleading Federation Competition - Winter Blast
February 17: Cornwall Kinsmen Pancake Breakfast 
February 22: Cornwall Chamber of Commerce - Business Excellence Awards & Citizen of the Year
February 29: Rachel's Kids - Suds & Sap

March 2020:

March 3: Blood Donor Clinic
March 25: Senior Fair
March 27: Canadian National Juvenile Broomball Championships - Banquet
March 30 - Harlem Globetrotters Live Show


April 2020:

April 3-5: Chamber of Commerce - Spring Home & Leisure Show
April 7: Blood Donor Clinic
April 18: Powell School of Dance - Dinner
April 19: Cornwall Minor Hockey Association - Banquet
April 22: Children's Treatment Centre - Breakfast
April 23: United Way "Handbags for Heroes"
April 24-26: Canadian Cat Show & AGM


May 2020:
May 2: Cornwall Curling Club - Italian Night
May 3: Kinsmen Ladies High Tea & Craft Show
May 5: Blood Donor Clinic
May 28: St. Joseph's Highschool Prom


June 2020:

June 14: Canada's Circus Spectacular
June 29-July 3: Music & Acting Camp
June 26-28: Conference


July 2020:
July 1: Canada Day in Lamoureux Park
July 1-3: Music & Acting Camp
July 6-10: Music & Acting Camp
July 18: Renegade Bass Fishing Tournament
July 23-26: Ribfest in Lamoureux Park

August 2019:
August 8: Renegade Bass Fishing Tournament
August 20: Cornwall Public Library - Reading Club Party
August 22: Cornwall Kid's Triathlon


September 2020:

September 5: Big Bass Challenge
September 19: Parkinson Super Walk

October 2020:
October 2-3: Pan AM Bass Tournament - Rain Date is October 4th
October 7: Social Development Council - Job Fair
October 15: Maison Baldwin House - Fashion Show
October 24: Cape Halloween Comicfest


November 2020:

November 3: Blood Donor Clinic

November 7-8: Heritage Craft Show (Exhibitors can call Bertha at 613-937-4817)November 16: Breakfast with Santa

November 14: Optimist Club - Breakfast with Santa
November 21: Annual Gala in support of the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation
November 28: Olymel Christmas Party


December 2020:

December 1: Blood Donor Clinic
December 4: Cornwall Gravel Christmas Party
December 5: Morbern Christmas Party
December 11 to December 19: World Junior A Hockey Championships

 Convention Services

The Cornwall Civic Complex and Convention Centre is one of the largestConcert taking place in Ed Lumley Arena

and most versatile facilities in Eastern Ontario. Combining a conference site with a 5800 seat arena, the Centre has hosted conventions for up to 5000 delegates. Located in the lush green expanse of Lamoureux Park, it has become the preferred site for organizations throughout Canada.

Watchtower and the Ontario Cheerleading Federation have all named our Convention Centre as their host site. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and major sporting events in hockey such as the World Junior Exhibition Game and Hockey Canada have all given the Cornwall Convention Centre top billing. Spectacles have featured Canada's own Nickelback, Great Big Sea, Paw Patrol Live Shows, along with stars like Blue Rodeo. Home and Trade Shows attract thousands of visitors each year and when the circus comes to town, it 

Cheerleading competition in Civic Complex

delights kids from 8 to 88.

Whether you are planning a large event, or a small private meeting, our Facility Rental Co-ordinator has the experience and information to help you plan your event to the last detail. 

Planning a Meeting or Event

The Civic Complex has hosted many of Eastern Ontario's most exciting and memorable events. Whether your function is a small business meeting or a major entertainment event, you will want to check in with our Facilities Rental Co-ordinator to plan your event.

Understanding Your Needs
In order to properly prepare for your event, we need to understand your needs.

Be prepared to provide as many details about your event as possible, such as:

  • is the event a private or public function?
  • how many people are expected to attend?
  • what kind of set-up do you require? 
  • will refreshment/food services be required?
  • do you need access to the facility to prepare?
  • do you need additional services/personnel?

Planning Access to the Facility
If you need special access to the Complex before and after your event (perhaps to decorate or move equipment in), we will need to know in advance.

Typically for large events requiring extensive set up, extra accommodations need 
to be made so that there is a sufficient overlap between clients.

Requesting Additional Services and Personnel
There are several different services and personnel that may be required to assist with your event, and in some cases, our rules and regulations require it. These additional services can include:

  • food services
  • security personnel
  • maintenance personnel
  • box office support
  • specialized electrical/mechanical support

If you would like more information about holding an event at the Civic Complex, please call:

Janice Robinson
Facilities Rental Co-ordinator
(613) 930-2787 ext. 2543


Click here to learn more about:

 Aultsville Theatre

The City of Cornwall is a proud supporter of Aultsville Theatre, where world-class performances has been hosted since 1976. In the 658-seat theatre, audiences and performers alike enjoy excellent acoustics, with no sea more than 90 feet from centre stage!

Aultsville Theatre tickets are on sale at the Civic Complex Box Office at 100 Water Street East, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM. For more information, call 613-938-9400 or visit Aultsville Theatre's website by clicking here.  The General Manager of Aultsville Theatre is Janet Martel, and she can be reached at (613) 932-1661 extension 1.

 Advertising Opportunities 
Ads above front doors of Civic Complex

Advertising Opportunities are available at the Cornwall Civic Complex & Convention Centre for companies to market their good and services.

There are opportunities to fit every budget, from small poster sized ads to the sponsorship of an entire dressing room.  Have you considered putting your web site address on a wall, or perhaps in one of the dressing rooms?
 Not only will these opportunities provide a means of reaching a diverse, yet defined market, but participating companies will also build community goodwill. The sale of these advertising opportunities will be used to offset the costs of providing much needed recreational programming.

Don't delay!  With only a limited number of opportunities available, it is expected that all programs will be sold out quickly.  To ensure that your firm has a strong presence in this growing medium, contact Janice Robinson, Facilities Rental Coordinator at (613) 930-2787 ext. 2543 to reserve your spot.

Price List (excluding artwork & materials)

  • Backlit Advertising - Front Doors/Main Entrance (3.5 W x 5H): $700/year + HST
  • Arena Concourse Advertising - North East Corner (5 W x 3H): $700/year +HST

Opportunities are also available at the Benson Centre. Call Janice today for an Advertising Package!

 Civic Complex Venue Policies

Patrons are asked to keep Cornwall Civic Complex Policies in mind while attending special events and hockey games at the Civic Complex.

Alcohol: Our goal is to ensure a safe and fun environment where alcohol service and consumption is managed responsibly. At the City's request and for spectator safety, all alcohol will be poured into plastic cups. Please note, patrons will not be allowed to bring in any container (including cans) or plastic bottle regardless of size, in the Cornwall Civic Complex.


For more information, call Janice Robinson, Facilities Rental Co-ordinator at 613-930-2787 ext. 2543.

Cornwall Civic Complex
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Cornwall, ON
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