The City of Cornwall is updating its Recreation Master Plan to identify community priorities for parks and recreation services over the next ten years.

Through public input and research, the Master Plan will be an actionable strategy that can readily adapt to changes in the community and emerging trends. It will assist the City and stakeholders in making strategic investments to ensure a healthy community, improve the quality of life for residents, and encourage a strong economy and sustainable environment.

The Master Plan will explore topic areas including:

  • Indoor and outdoor recreation facilities – a particular focus will be placed on outdoor aquatics and the Benson Centre lands;
  • Parks and open spaces – a particular focus is placed on the role of Guindon Park; and
  • Programs and services.

Key Themes

Key findings from 2020's initial public engagement and research phase are summarized within this Emerging Directions document. These themes will be assessed alongside community profiles, usage data, and promising practices from other communities to inform the Master Plan's recommendations.

Read the full document, or take a look at this summary:

  1. Recreation and parks services are very important to Cornwall residents.
  2. The pandemic has highlighted the vital role of parks and trails in staying active and connected.
  3. Demand is growing for unstructured activities for all ages.
  4. Affordable recreation opportunities are in demand.
  5. Many residents are not aware of the broad range of available activities.
  6. Maintaining existing facilities is a priority over adding new ones.
  7. We need to be creative in accommodating emerging sports and activities.
  8. Cornwall's waterfront is its best asset and public use should be maximized.
  9. The new arts and culture centre will fill a long-time need.
  10. Partnerships can be effective at leveraging resources and building capacity.
  11. The City needs to be proactive in order to maximize value for its residents.

Draft Plan

The Recreation Master Plan is currently in draft form and available for viewing below. A summary of the Plan and its primary recommendations is also provided.

Public and stakeholder consultation is critical to ensuring that the Recreation Master Plan responds to community needs. A feedback form was open in March for comments.

Check out the...

Draft Master Plan

Virtual Open House Content

Final Presentation

On Monday, April 26, City staff and consultants will present the final plan to Council. You can read both documents below. Keep in mind that the presentation shows just a snapshot of the recommendations. You'll want to check out the plan to get the full picture.

Final Plan

Presentation to Council

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