The Planning Division is the administrative arm of local government whose function is to recommend the form of future development in Cornwall, and to make recommendations to Council on private development applications. The City has full residential subdivision approval and is designated as the one window approval authority by the Ministry.

Development Proposals in the Planning Division are brought before a Planning Advisory Committee, which reviews and decides upon recommendations and forwards them to Council for approval.

The Cornwall Official Plan sets out detailed land use development policies and sets the framework for the provision of municipal services for the city. The Plan has recently gone through a mandatory 5 year review. The new Official Plan - 2018 which is effect for the next ten (10) years, received Ministerial Approval April 11, 2018.

The City has a Zoning By-law which implements the official plan, and sets out what parcels of land can be used for certain uses. The Zoning By-law regulates  maximum heights, parking and also protects environmentally sensitive areas.

The Planning Division co-ordinates Federal and Provincial government financing for community development projects. For example, the municipality has recently undertaken an infrastructure improvement effort in the Harbor Area which was jointly funded by the municipal and provincial governments. Important redevelopment initiatives are following on from this work in conjunction with the Renaissance group. These include initiatives in Cotton Mills redevelopment, neighbourhood improvement and brownfield's redevelopment.

The Planning Division co-ordinates all of the Municipal and community initiatives on the waterfront to ensure the continuing development of Cornwall's water for the benefit of the city as a whole.

The Planning office also provides technical assistance to the Regional Airport Commission, Heritage Cornwall and other committees and groups.

Staff is available to provide general information to the public and publishes a Data book containing a variety of community information and statistics.

Department Contacts

Planning Staff Title Extension
James Fawthrop General Manager, Department of Planning, Development and Recreation 2599
Sayana Sherif Development Planner 2335
Praisy Hunter Planning Technician  2365
Ely Daniels Administrative Assistant 2328
Valeria Hernandez Planning Technician/Secretary Treasurer of Committee of Adjustment 2362

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