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The City of Cornwall's Animal Control By-law encourages the health and safety of the general public, domestic animals, and wild animals. The By-law helps to uphold a high level of public safety, neighbourhood integrity and public protection. Please click here to read the Animal Control By-law.

By-Law Enforcement Officer

The By-Law Enforcement Officer responds to barking dogs, dogs jeopardizing the safety of the public, dogs without a tag, stray dogs, removal of dead animals from public property, dogs at large and trespassing, and stoop & scoop on City property.

You can contact a By-Law Enforcement Officer at 613-930-2787, Ext #2310.

When reporting an incident or requesting an investigation, it is helpful to provide as much information as possible in order to facilitate a thorough and timely response. If the complaint relates to a barking dog which is being kept on privately-owned property, providing the address is essential.

Every situation is unique, and the time needed to gain compliance will vary. Priority is given to circumstances where there is a danger to the safety of the animal or the public.

Animal investigations and animal-related complaints on private property and City-owned lands (like parks) help to ensure compliance with By-laws and regulations.

The By-Law Enforcement Officer can order special provisions for control of dogs identified as vicious.

 Walking Your Dog in Cornwall

Generally, dogs are not permitted in City Parks, except for those identified here:

1. Guindon Park roadways and Trillium Picnic area, but no other picnic areas or the nature/ski trails

2. Boals Drain Linear Park from Emma Avenue to Meadowvale Crescent

3. Cedar Rapids corridor from Optimist Park to Brookdale Avenue and from Power Dam Drive east to Vincent Massey Drive

4. Lamoureux Park

At all times, the dog is to be kept under control using a leash intended for such purposes, of a length not exceeding two metres (6.5 feet). 

 Dog Licenses and Tags

The City of Cornwall requires that all dogs must be licensed and wearing a tag within 14 days following the date that a dog comes into their possession. The number of animals per household is limited to five cats/dogs, with a maximum of three dogs. The tag registration will have a serial number, name of the owner, address and telephone number.  This information will assist enforcement officers in finding pet owners if the pet gets lost.Each owner is responsible for affixing the tag to their dog. Tag licenses expire on January 31 each year and must be renewed annually. Dog tags can be purchased at the following locations:
  • Fence Depot - 3045 Pitt Street - 613-932-0717
  • Pet Valu - 1400 Vincent Massey Drive - 613-936-8398
  • Pet Smart - 501 Tollgate Road West - 613-933-1244
  • Stacy's Pet Depot - 805 Sydney Street, Unit 1 - 613-932-7337
  • St. Lawrence Valley Animal Hospital - 435 Pitt Street - 613-932-4094
  • OSPCA - 550 Boundary Road - 613-936-0072 or 310-SPCA
  • Building & Bylaw Department - 100 Water Street East (Civic Complex) - 613-930-2787, Ext #2310
The fees for dog tags are as follows:
  • Altered Dogs (spayed or neutered)
    • before May 1: $25
    • after May 1: $35
    • new to owner after September 1: $15
  • Unaltered Dogs (not spayed or neutered)
    • before May 1: $50
    • after May 1: $60
    • new to owner after September 1: $25
  • Kennel License
    • Initial dog: $55
    • Each additional dog six months of age or older: $10
  • Replacement tag: $10
  • Impounding Fees
    • First occurrence: $35
    • Second occurrence: $45
    • Third occurrence: $65
    • Maintenance fee of $7/day is levied subsequent to the day of seizure.

 DOLA Restrictions (Pitbull Information)

Under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, any Pitbull, or Pitbull mix, born after November 29, 2005, is considered prohibited.

Under this Act, Pitbulls are defined as Pitbull Terriers, Straffordshire Bull Terriers, American Straffordshire Terriers, or any dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics substantially similar to any of the above.

Every Pitbull, male or female, must be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian.

Every owner of a Pitbull shall ensure that the Pitbull is leashed and muzzled at all times unless the animal is within an enclosed property occupied by the owner, or the animal is within an enclosed property occupied by a person who consents to the animal being off-leash.

 Pigeon Control

The City of Cornwall Pigeon Control By-law encourages the health and safety of the general public, pigeons and the Pigeon Keeping Association. The Pigeon Control By-law helps to uphold a high level of public safety, neighbourhood integrity and the general public protection.
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