Asset Management

Residents rely on the City's linear infrastructure (roads, sewers and watermains) on a daily basis and have an expectation that it will function as intended, meaning it should fulfill or exceed a desired level of service. These are basic municipal services that are often taken for granted. As with all assets, there is a requirement for some knowledge, planning and implementation of the most suitable intervention to keep them in useable condition, or in other words, to ensure they are sustainable.

In Cornwall, infrastructure asset management is specifically identified as an Economic Development priority objective. With respect to core municipal functions of provision of sewer, water and transportation facilities, it is key to the guiding principle of Sustainability. It also addresses two other key pillars of the City's Strategic Plan, namely, Efficient Services and Quality of Life.

This infrastructure, including bridges and large culverts, has an estimated replacement cost of $831 million. In addition to providing a desired level of service, it is crucial to properly maintain infrastructure so that excessive liabilities are not passed to future residents. The 2016 Asset Management Plan (AMP) update estimates the backlog of required work to be $65.8 million, with watermain requirements being the highest value at $41 million, about 60% of total asset needs.

For many years Cornwall has practiced a form of asset management, although the term was not widely used. In 2006, it became more formalized with the production of an asset management report and subsequent critical infrastructure report. We have spent considerable resources since that time identifying performance objectives, building databases integrated with our geographic information system (GIS), and obtaining condition information, particularly for the sewer network.

In more recent years, the provincial government became concerned that municipalities were not maintaining infrastructure in a sustainable fashion, and developed a Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. They have required all municipalities to develop or update asset management plans and address elements described in the Guide, including identifying the state of local infrastructure, expected levels of service, development of an asset management strategy and a financing strategy to address deficiencies. The City's AMP document is required to be published on the municipality's website, so that interested citizens can be aware of infrastructure needs and plans. Compliance with these requirements is a condition to receiving funding under federal and provincial infrastructure programs.

2016 Asset Management Plan was undertaken by F.CAP.X. It was endorsed by Council on November 23, 2016.

Asset Management Policy (June 24, 2019). 

 A summary of AMP findings indicates Cornwall should be targeting capital expenditures in the range of $16.6M, as per the following table:

Recommended from 2016 Asset Management Plan Update


Recommended Capital Expenditure

Replacement Value

Percent of Replacement Value


$5.4 M

$268 M

2.0 %


$0.75 M

$37.6 M

2.0 %

Water Network

$2.7 M

$135 M

2.0 %

Sewer Network

$6.4 M

$321.4 M

2.0 %

Traffic Signals & Streetlights

$0.46 M

$23 M

2.0 %

Bridges & Culverts

$0.91 M

$45.5 M

2.0 %


$16.6 M

$830.5 M

2.0 %

 The City of Cornwall has budgeted the following amounts for capital improvements/replacement of linear infrastructure as follows:

Actual / Proposed for 2013 to 2017







Roads and Sidewalks

$2.8 M

$4.2 M

$2.1 M

$6.5 M*

$3.1 M

Water Network

$1.9 M

$1.9 M

$3.2 M

$2.8 M

$2.5 M

Sewer Network

$1.2 M

$5.2 M

$3.5 M

$4.5 M

$2.0 M

Traffic Signals & Streetlights

$0.63 M

$0.85 M

$0.33 M

$0.35 M

$0.45 M

Bridges & Culverts




$0.27 M

$3.2 M**

These costs represent a total investment for each category.  The monies spent includes grants, federal gas tax reserves, financing monies, as well as what was used from tax reserves, sewer reserves and water reserves.

* 2016 allocation high due to inclusion of carry-over funds from 2015, as well as funding for the 9th/Marleau/McConnell road widening and reconstruction.

**2017 projects included Brookdale/CN Overpass, including a funding grant from the Connecting Links Program.


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