Recruiting new members

Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action Working Group will help to bring about an attractive, zero carbon, and climate resilient Cornwall where all people will feel safe, and are proud to live and work.

The purpose of Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action is to:

  • Give young people a voice on climate change issues, giving members the platform to influence and have their say on how the City responds to climate change and extreme weather events.
  • Give young people insight on how the City will tackle climate change issues.
  • Assist the City to empower residents to take action on climate change, providing insight into how to encourage people to take responsibility for their behaviours.
 Applying for the Working Group

Application process

  • Step 1: Identify an organization that will support your application.
  • Step 2: Complete the online application and submit a written permission from your teacher (as an attachment) to attend monthly meetings, before the deadline. Meetings are held one Monday a month at 2:30 pm.

Application form for students

You are eligible for Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action if you are:

  • passionate about the environment and climate change;
  • concerned about extreme weather events and the future of our planet;
  • in grades 7 to 12 on September 1, 2022;
  • a resident of the City of Cornwall (applicants residing within the counties of SDG will be considered); 

An organization is defined as:

  • One of the following schools: St. Lawrence High School; L’Héritage; La Citadelle; CCVS; St. Joseph’s; St. Matthew Catholic; or Holy Trinity;
  • Not-for-profit, such as charitable and volunteer organizations, professional associations, and non-governmental organizations;
  • Indigenous, governments, boards, commissions, communities, associations and authorities;
  • Local, such as community associations and groups, youth groups, and service clubs.

"Young people are key actors in raising awareness, running educational programs, promoting sustainable lifestyles, conserving nature, supporting renewable energy, adopting environmentally-friendly practices and implementing adaptation and mitigation projects.” [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change]

“Youth constitute the majority of the population in many countries and have an increasingly strong social and environmental awareness, which has the power to transform our societies towards a low-carbon and climate resilient future.” [United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change, 2010]

 Terms of Reference
Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action will:
  • Promote and provide opportunities for young people to learn, engage and give feedback on climate change issues.
  • Act as ambassadors for the actions which the City, Council and partner organizations are taking regarding climate change issues.
  • Explore nature-based solutions that can help the City fight climate change and biodiversity loss.
  • Establish links with other community groups and external agencies representing young people.
  • Promote and demonstrate zero carbon behaviours in their daily lives as much as possible.

Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action will be made up of 14 (fourteen) young people.

Youth members shall be represented as follows:

  • St. Lawrence High School – 2 members
  • L’Heritage – 2 members
  • La Citadelle – 2 members
  • Cornwall Collegiate Vocational – 2 members
  • St. Joseph’s – 2 members
  • Holy Trinity – 2 members
  • St. Matthew Catholic – 2 members

All members will be enrolled in any grade between 7 and 12.

All members will be residents of the City of Cornwall (members living within the counties of SDG will be considered).

Members will advocate for the City’s young people, representing the thoughts and ambitions of the City’s younger generation.

These positions will be held for a maximum of 2 (two) years.

The City will seek to secure a diverse membership, as representative as possible of the demographics of young people in the City of Cornwall.

In addition, if possible, Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action will be comprised of:

  • One representative from the River Institute
  • One representative from Raisin Region Conservation Authority
  • One City of Cornwall staff as Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action Coordinator
  • One member of City Council
  • One member of Administration as recording secretary; and
  • One City staff as resource person (this role can rotate each meeting)
 How the Working Group will function

Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action Coordinator will endeavour to arrange meetings for the Group in central and convenient locations for its members.

Training and development for specific panel roles will be agreed as needed, for example, chairing meetings effectively.

The Group will select from among the voting members, a Chair, and Vice Chair for each year.

The Chairs’ terms shall not exceed two consecutive years. In the absence of both Chairs, the youth members present shall select one of the voting members to act as Chair at that meeting.

The Group will meet monthly, in-person when it is safe to do so under COVID-19 health guidelines.

Group members can expect to spend about five hours per month on Working Group-related activities.

 Role Descriptions
All roles have the following activities as part of their responsibilities:
  • Attend and contribute to meetings
  • Educate and raise awareness of related issues
  • Act as a role model, lead, support and guide fellow Working Group members
  • Be a public face of Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action Working Group, taking part in promotion for the City where appropriate. Personal details will not be available to the public.

In addition to the above, individual roles have specific responsibilities as follows:


  • Direct and lead the Group, and act as the group’s representative with Council and City leaders. This may also involve negotiating a successful conclusion to issues raised;
  • Agree on a work program for the Group for the next year;
  • Provide Council officers with monthly/regular updates on the panel’s activities and actions whether it be at Council meetings or through email;
  • Chair meetings and represent the Group at key events and meetings with Council and partners, for example attending Environment and Climate Change Working Group meetings, or Eco Day; or presenting to City of Cornwall Senior Management.

Vice Chair:

  • Co-ordinate & lead projects and events as required;
  • Support chair to produce feedback;
  • Support communications to the panel members; and
  • To represent for the Chair when absent.
Accountability and Remuneration

Cornwall’s Youth for Climate Action shall, at all times, be accountable to The City of Cornwall.

Group meeting minutes will be made available upon request to any member of Council or Senior Management. All other panel documentation will also be made available upon request.

This is a volunteer position. Working Group members will not receive any gifts, honoraria or payment. Letters confirming volunteer hours for school will be available. The City of Cornwall will provide members with a bus pass. Food and refreshments will be provided by the City of Cornwall at each meeting.

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