The City of Cornwall is hoping that you can help document wildlife during its first ever Backyard Bioblitz.

Every observation counts! Together, we’ll document species so that conservationists may one day use this information to target conservation locations for species at risk or to combat the spread of invasive ones. Bioblitzes have even led to the documentation of rare or endangered species.

A poster for the 2022 Backyard Bioblitz

The event is important — it will provide some the City with some significant scientifical data.

From Thursday, July 28 until August 1st 2022, residents are encouraged to go outside and identify as many insect, plant, and animal species as they can. Don’t have a backyard? Find the nearest green space near you!

To participate, simply create a free iNaturalist account on the following webpage ( or download the free app:

Apple Store:

Google Play:

Once that’s done, search for Backyard Bioblitz Cornwall. Lastly, join the City of Cornwall Public Project by visiting:

For more information, contact the City of Cornwall’s Green Infrastructure Research Assistant Kimberly Bray at

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