The City of Cornwall Eco Day Committee - Call for Artwork

Posted On Wednesday March 08, 2023

After a successful launch of “No Mow May” in 2022, The City of Cornwall is once again undertaking some specific actions to improve biodiversity and help wild pollinators throughout public and private greenspaces.

In collaboration with The Cline House Gallery, the City’s Eco Day Committee is seeking artwork to help promote and encourage participation in the 2023 “No Mow May” campaign. This initiative allows for property owners to allow all vegetation on their properties grow more than 15 cm for the month of May thus increasing the food sources for pollinators and preventing the disturbance of overwintering insects and amphibians that may be burrowed or hiding in leaves and lawns.

The 2023 “No Mow May” campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of urban biodiversity by creating lawn signage for the new properties registering to participate this year.

In lieu of reprinting the same signage as was used last year, the committee would like to feature original artwork that reflects the beauty of “No Mow May” and the pollinators and flowering plants that benefit from this important initiative. The goal is to create a temporary “outdoor art gallery” all of May.

The Eco Day Committee will select and print four works of art each year as part of the campaign. If “No Mow May” is approved by council in consecutive years, art signs would be reused, growing the outdoor gallery as the number of participants in the campaign increases.

Learn more about “No Mow May”:


-deadline to enter March 26th, 2023
-one entry per artist
-email one high-resolution image (minimum 1MB) of your work to
-two-dimensional work in photography, painting, drawing, digital and mixed media are all welcome
-the committee does not need the original work of art, only the high-resolution image
-work does not have to be specifically created for this opportunity but must represent the theme and be the original work of the artist submitting
-the images should be oriented in landscape format (horizontal) or cropped so that they may be fit to 18”x24” size
-the artist’s name and website (if they have one) will be printed on each sign
-the title “No Mow May” and the City of Cornwall logo/website will be superimposed either on or below the image as each individual design merits
-artists must be 18 years or older to enter
-this is a not-for-profit project and if selected, artists will be required to sign a copyright release form for the use of their images for this project only

The City of Cornwall Eco Day Committee will review all entries and select 4 works of art to reproduce as double sided, bilingual, lawn signs. 25 copies of each sign will be printed in 2023. Signs to be ready for distribution during Eco Day, on April 22 at Lamoureux Park.

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