Placemaking creates public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well-being.

Placemaking capitalizes on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential.

Placemaking is just getting started in Cornwall. Click here to share your ideas and feedback with us.

artists at pop-up shop containerPop-up Shop Containers

Small seacans are repurposed into vibrant pieces of artwork, for rent to artists, artisans, makers, retailers, and non-profits.

The pop-up shops are in place at the Cornwall Square and Port Theatre until fall 2020. Where will they go next? That's up to our community!

Rob Curran and Mayor Clement at picnic tablesBright and Beautiful Picnic Tables

The COVID-19 pandemic gave some recreation staff time to focus on a beautification project - namely, the bright repainting of picnic tables!

You can find them in business districts, including Pitt Street and Montreal Road. Have a seat, take a selfie, and enjoy our vibrant community.

Spinners Diner patioPop-up Patios

The Building & By-law, Planning, and Economic Development departments joined forces in summer 2020 to help as many as 50 restaurants add or expand their patios.

Pop-up patios extend far beyond Cornwall's two downtowns. You can find them in every corner of our community!

volunteer gardeners plant vegetablesEdible Cities: gardens for all

Take what you need - this is the motto of edible gardens scattered throughout Cornwall.

Whether you're in Lamoureux Park, or on George Assaly Lane, or walking by the fire station on Fourth Street, you're welcome to pick a vegetable or herb to share with your family.

large red chair at Benson CentreCome sit at the Benson Centre!

Cornwallites - and athletes from far and wide - come to the Benson Centre to get active, whether they're playing hockey, broomball, pickleball, or soccer.

The giant chair greets everyone as they arrive, and offers them a place to rest before and after their physical activity.

walking tour and muralHistoric Walking Tour

The Cornwall Historic Walking Tour features 40+ plaques that have been erected along Cornwall’s water-front, each depicting an era or event from Cornwall’s rich history.

The plaques feature the artwork of renowned Cornwall artist Pierre Giroux, together they form a tapestry that weaves throughout the City.  Local historian Lily Worrall completed much of the research that went into the illustrations.

city hall with displayWelcome - Bienvenue - She'kon

City Hall's newest window display aims to inspire community pride and a sense of belonging.

While the sign welcomes residents and visitors in English, French, and Mohawk, everyone, regardless of language or background, should know they have a place in this City.

The sign also reflects our area's connections to the water. 

Placemaking Background

Click here to view resident Kelly Bergeron's presentation to council on February 10, 2020 about placemaking.

Click here to read administration's report to council on June 22, 2020 about placemaking.


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