Salon decorated in red and black with chandelier and tables set for dinnerThe Lower Level of the Convention Centre houses the Salons, Trade Concourse and Hall of Fame, and is accessible from the main stairwell, two elevators and two interior stairwells.

Salons A, B and C
The Salons offer an attractive and modern setting for meetings, banquets and receptions. The centre Salon B is the showcase room, with a Western windowed wall looking out onto a patio and Lamoureux Park. The addition of Salons A and C, expand the capability to 600 for banquets.

Layout of Salons A, B, C, with concourse and Hall of Fame

Trade Concourse
The trade concourse is a large hallway with an expansive corridor, ceramic tiles and warm brick walls. Subtle lighting helps create a unique ambiance, and the concourse is an ideal "spillover area" for events in the Salons.

White wedding decor in Salon B

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame Room houses the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame, and offers an informal transition area between the Salons and the Arena itself. A full service canteen opens onto the Hall of Fame room.

The following chart provides details as to the seating capacity and dimensions of the lower level rooms.

Room Theatre Style



Width Length Square Feet Ceiling Height
Trade Concourse       19' 222' 4,218 12'
Salons A, B, C 830 700 800 185' 185' 8,800 11-12'
Salon A 140 115 130 40' 36' 1,440 11'
Salon B 550 470 540 56' 106' 5,936 12'
Salon C 140 115 130 40' 36' 1,440 11'
Hall of Fame   200   22' 112' 2,464 12'

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