Artists are brightening up community neighbourhoods.

Discover artwork, new in 2021!

 Business District Banners

Banners will be used to highlight the local arts community, while showcasing select themes that represent Cornwall. Themes that may be represented include:

  • shopping,
  • dinning,
  • professionals/work,
  • the arts,
  • culture/diversity,
  • history,
  • entertainment/music,
  • education/language

The overall theme will focus on Cornwall love, local love and I <3 Cornwall. 

 Two Pop-Up Shop Containers

Artist: Naomi Wang

Naomi graduated from La Citadelle before moving on to the University of Toronto.

Artist: J.K. Van Noy

Jake is a self-taught artist and professional creative. He has lived in Cornwall for most of his life. Jake says, "We are a strong and beautiful community of people, which I am proud to be a part of."

The City of Cornwall is expanding the Pop-Up Shop program this summer in partnership with our friends at experienCity! One will be set up at the corner of Pitt Street and First Street as part of the pop-up shop program. The other belongs to Cornwall Tourism and is set up as an information booth at the Civic Complex.

artist painting seacan man painting seacan


 Seniors on Wheels Container

Artist: Joe McNamara

The City of Cornwall's Senior-Friendly Community Committee has launched a new Seniors on Wheels program.

Theme: Inter-generational community, cycling, river and ecosystems, vibrancy, and partnership.   The final design will need to include or leave space for the Senior Friendly Community’s new logo on the garage door. Your design does not need to match any of the existing Pop-Up shops or the bike rental storage container.  Note: Avoid using the trishaw bike in your design as the bike structure may change over time.

I love Cornwall written on blue painted seacan

 Mural at the Cornwall Community Museum

Artist: Alexandra MacDonald

Alexandra hails from St. Andrew's West. The Concordia University student created a mural to reflect our community's history.

The City of Cornwall and the Cornwall Community Museum have commissioned a new mural for the river tunnel entrance to the museum in Lamoureux Park. 

The design will present the historical period of early settlement (1784-1820):

  • The Mohawks of St-Regis,
  • The “bateaux” people (French-Canadians) that made the journey here possible,
  • The Slaves that came with the Loyalists,
  • Loyalists Sir. John Johnson, the colours of the 2nd Battalion of the King’s Royal Regiment of New-York, and late period imagery of Loyalist wives and families, and
  • Those who fought in the War of 1812. Could include ex-slave John Baker in his uniform which will become part of a new museum exhibit.

vibrant mural behind the Cornwall Community Museum

 Diversity Cornwall Mural near the Clock Tower

Artist: Kathleen Tuck

After growing up in Cornwall, Kathleen studied animation at Algonquin College and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University. Her mural, "Steps in Diversity", represents the community coming together to celebrate differences while supporting each other.

The City of Cornwall is partnering with Diversity Cornwall to create a colourful mural in Lamoureux Park to reflect the diversity of our community.  All Cornwall, Akwesasne & SD&G 2SLGBTQAI+ community members and allies are encouraged to apply.

The design will reflect Diversity Cornwall’s mission of fostering diversity, unity, and visibility. Diversity Cornwall uses public awareness and education about the 2SLGBTQ+ community as a way to increase acceptance and inclusion, and to fight discrimination.

Artists will incorporate themes of social justice, anti racism, anti homophobia, anti transphobia, inclusivity and acceptance for all members of our community of Akwesasne, Cornwall and SD&G. Some examples of social justice themes that may be incorporated include but are no limited to themes of race, gender, age, language, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, education, mental or physical ability, and socioeconomic status.

mural below the clock tower

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