Ballroom Dancing for Fun

Wednesday Evenings
Winter Session Begins Wednesday January 15

This ballroom or social dance program will progressively cover several dance styles over a few years and move the student from the basic movements to more advanced figures. You will also learn to recognize music, understand the beat, and associate it with the appropriate dance style. The lessons include a group instruction for each new figure, group practice, practice as couples, and sequences of figures to practice. The instructors provide lots of individual attention and coaching. The group instruction is in English, but the instructors offer individual coaching in French and English.

The Winter 2020 session offers an afternoon beginner program in Slow Waltz and an evening beginner program in Triple Swing. Returning dancers who learned the Cha Cha with us previously are invited to advanced lessons in Cha Cha.

Triple Swing is a couple's Rhythm Dance that has both 6 and 8 beat patterns. It is danced to rock 'n roll music including soft rock, classic rock, country rock, soul rock. See a demonstration here -

Click here to watch a promotional cha cha video:

Program Details

Dates:  Wednesday January 15th – Wednesday March 18th, 2020

Times:    3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Waltz for beginners, in the Automotive Room.            
               7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Advanced Cha Cha for experienced dancers, with new figures and practice of figures from previous lessons, in the MacEwen Room.            
               8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Triple Swing for beginners, in the Automotive Room.

Cost:   $100.00 HST included per person for one lesson for 10 weeks. Add $50 to join a second lesson, and another $50 to join a third lesson.   
Beginner dancers may pay after the first lesson to confirm that they are still interested.

Location: Benson Centre - MacEwen Room or the Automotive Room.

Open to couples, friends and family members dancing together, and individuals; we will integrate individual dancers.

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The Instructors - Tom Manley and Isabelle Masson - have been dancing ballroom for fun for more than 18 years and have been teaching ballroom dancing for 5 years. Before starting ballroom, they already enjoyed going out, listening to music, and freestyle dancing. Seeing an advertisement, they started ballroom dance classes and never looked back. Tom is living proof that anyone can learn ballroom dancing, as he learned to manage two left feet, recognize the beat, and remember the figures. Isabelle was a natural as she picked up the beat easily and flowed smoothly on the dance floor. The two are now respected dancers and they relish any occasion to go out and enjoy a band or a party.

For more information about ballroom dancing for fun, visit For more information on recreation programming, please contact the Benson Centre at 613-938-9898 x2 or email at



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