Did you Know? 

  • The City of Cornwall has a Waste Management By-Law that outlines the rules for garbage and recycling set out, it can be found by clicking here
  • The City of Cornwall's Waste Management department has a by-law enforcement officer that takes care of by-law complaints related to curbside waste.  
  • Littering in the City of Cornwall carries a $250.00 fine if you are caught by a by-law or police officer

The City of Cornwall has roughly 22,000 households that participate in weekly garbage and recycling collection. It is the by-law officer's job to ensure the following aspects are met: 

  • Waste is put out on the right day at an appropriate time 
  • Waste that is put out for collection is placed out neatly and properly 
  • There is no waste that is non-collectible left at the curb after an addresses collection day

If a By-Law officer recognizes any of these issues they will follow up with the resident/tenant first and then promptly follow up with property owner if no change is made. Should the by-law officer feel the property is an immediate health and safety issue, the officer will follow up with the property owner immediately and the City will arrange for the property to be cleaned should the property owner not comply with the immediate notice. 

Submit a Waste Management Property Service Request 

 If you are having issues with neighbours or fellow residents on your street not following the waste management by law you can fill out this form and the City's Waste Management By-Law officer will follow up with your request promptly. Please note this a completely confidential process and information about the complainant will not be released during the process. 



 Submit a Litter/ Illegal Dumping Service Request

If you are out and about enjoying what the City of Cornwall has to offer in one of its beautifully maintained parks, or perhaps enjoying one of our award winning trails and notice garbage or illegally dumped material please let the City know by filling out this form. The City will ensure it reaches the appropriate department and review the site to remove the materials properly. 



 Help us fight the litter - Adopt-a-Street

All Cities have litter, join the City of Cornwall's Clean Cornwall initiative and help clean up the City! Our Adopt-a- Street program is growing every day and always looking for volunteers. If you are interested visit the Adopt-A-Street page for more information. 

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