Did you know? 

  • The City of Cornwall weighs all inbound garbage to determine how much garbage each household is creating in Cornwall? 
  • The City of Cornwall weighs all inbound recycling to determine how much recycling each household is creating in Cornwall?
  • The City of Cornwall has an average garbage set out of 2 bags per week and one recycling box per week? 

 The City of Cornwall is continuously monitoring waste that is generated in the City of Cornwall. Under the Municipal Act, the City of Cornwall is responsible for all waste created by its residents. The City of Cornwall currently provides all residents with weekly garbage and weekly recycling collection. The City of Cornwall as a part of its Solid Waste Management Master Plan has created a Report Card, which shows how the City is doing with relation to waste management objectives. This report card will be updated annually as information becomes available. 

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 Waste Reduction Tips

Waste reduction is good for the environment and good for our landfill! Of the three R's, "reduce" is first, followed by reuse and recycle.

Here's how you can reduce your waste:

  1. Use reusable shopping bags.
  2. Take a lunch box instead of a plastic or paper bag.
  3. Take your own mug to the coffee shop.
  4. Avoid pre-packaged food, especially items in styrofoam.
  5. Buy products in refillable or recyclable containers.
  6. Use rags instead of paper towels.
  7. Compost kitchen scraps and yard waste.
  8. Donate gently used clothes to thrift stores, and linens to animal shelters.
  9. Repair and refurbish items instead of throwing away.
  10. Skip the straw!
 Municipal Organics Diversion (Compost) Survey

During public consultations in 2018, residents expressed interest in a curbside organics diversion program. The Government of Ontario has also indicated that municipalities should work towards a reduction in food waste, as well as resource recovery from food waste.

In 2019, the City of Cornwall undertook public consultations to further investigate what a municipal organics diversion program could look like.

To stay up to date on this program, visit Talk to Us by clicking here.

 Recycling Workshop

The City of Cornwall has offered several recycling workshops to ensure residents are well-informed about how to sort their waste, and are aware of how their waste is managed.

All residents are encouraged to consult the presentation by clicking here.

 Waste Management Open House Engagement Materials 

 The City of Cornwall hosted two Waste Management Open houses in July 2018. The following pdf materials listed below are those materials which were presented to the public for consultation: 

 Survey Results from the Public Waste Management Survey 

The Public Waste Management Survey closed to the public on July 30th 2018, the Waste Management department reviewed comments and data and compiled the data highlights below for the public to view. 

  • 85% of respondents were satisfied with the current waste, recycling, and yard waste collection services
  • 94% of respondents participated in weekly recycling 
  • 88% of respondents feel they know what belongs in the blue box
  • 98% of respondents participate in weekly garbage, with 
  • 51% of people feel there should be a bag limit in Cornwall 
  • 99% of respondents put out less then 6 garbage bags per week
  • 32% of respondents compost materials at home, 33% of participants would be interested in home composting 
  • 62% of respondents would like a green bin program, only 25% of respondents are willing to pay for the additional cost
  • 53% of respondents are satisfied with the current fees associated with disposal at the landfill
  • 85% of respondents are satisfied with the current household hazardous waste depot hours 
  • 57% of respondents do not use the bulky item collection at the curb
  • 82% of respondents said they would like a pay per use service for bulky item waste
  • 44% of respondents feel they do their best to reduce the amount of garbage at the curb

The City will continue to gather more information and use the feedback to update the Solid Waste Management Master Plan. 

 Provincial Regulations for Municipal Waste

Policies in the waste management world are changing. Waste in Ontario is regulated by the provincial government. There are several different regulations which affect the way in which waste is managed at the municipal level:


Ontario Regulation 347

Part of the Environmental Protection Act, this regulation focuses on waste management as a way to protect public health and safety by tracking disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The regulation covers the waste generator, the waste carrier, and the waste receiver.


Ontario's Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building a Circular Economy

Waste Diversion Transition Act: An act which will facilitate a seamless transition from the current waste diversion programs to the new producer responsibility framework. (Amended Blue Box Plan)

Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act: establishes the outcomes-based producer responsibility regime while identifying provincial interest in resource recovery and waste reduction, establishing full producer responsibility, and establishing an authority to operate the registry to oversee producer performance.

Food and Organic Waste Framework: A system’s approach framework to food and organic waste generation, management, and recovery, recognizing all stages of supply and production. There are 4 major objectives: the first to reduce food and organic waste; the second to recover resources from food and organic waste; the third to support resource recovery infrastructure; and the fourth to promote beneficial uses of recovered organic resources (compost).


Please click here to view this information in a printable PDF format.



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