Project Name Traffic Signal Upgrades 
Funding $300,000 Financing
Timeline 2019

The City operates and maintains 69 existing traffic signal locations. The City is mandated to comply with provincial minimum maintenance standard legislation for traffic signals. With proper maintenance, the average life expectancy of City traffic signals is typically 30 years before requiring complete replacement. 

The proposed project includes upgrades to existing traffic lights at two intersections which will address outdated infrastructure. Older intersections/traffic signals require upgrades to meet current standards.

For 2019, the following intersections are proposed:

  • Sydney St. and Fourth St. E. ($135,000)
  • Pitt St. and Ninth St. E. ($165,000) 

The proposed traffic signal upgrade at Sydney St. and Fourth St. E. would be completed in conjunction with the Sydney St. reconstruction project from Water St. E. to Fourth St. E. which was included in the 2019 water & sewage budget (Second St. E to Fourth St. E) and the 2019 asphalt resurfacing budget (Water St. E. to Second St. E.).

Traffic signal map

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