blue and gold river institute logoIn the mid-1980s, a group of local citizens, government representatives, and the Mohawks of Akwesasne joined forces to create the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences. The goal was to answer questions the community was asking, to share the results with the broader public, and to establish partnerships with the scientific community.

At the River Institute, research projects are dedicated to issues such as water quality, water chemistry, freshwater toxicology, biodiversity, and food web dynamics, with a focus on the St. Lawrence River and other freshwater ecosystems.

“The City of Cornwall is fortunate to have this top-notch research facility in our midst,” says Mark Boileau, Manager of Planning, Development and Recreation with the City of Cornwall. “The scientists are committed to helping us learn and understand more about our freshwater resources. The River Institute enriches and enlightens our community with its scientific expertise and puts Cornwall on the map as a centre of scientific excellence.”

The River Institute has a unique ability to translate ongoing research programs into educational opportunities for young people. Hands-on workshops, internships, and work placements provide young people with the inspiration and motivation to realize their potential and consider a career in science.


In partnership with the City of Cornwall

The City of Cornwall is pleased to partner with The River Institute through the sharing of resources. Key partnerships include the annual Great River Cleanup, which sees dozens of tonnes of trash removed from the St. Lawrence River by hundreds of community volunteers every year.


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