Proposed Sidewalks along Queen Street, Joyce Street and Proposed No-Parking along Queen Street Survey

In 2010, the City developed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplan (Plan) with IBI Group. The Plan recommends annual investments in active transportation projects. Those projects include new sidewalks and recreational paths. Transitions Cornwall + and other active lifecycle groups have supported the Plan.

The Plan recommends the construction of new sidewalks in various locations in the City, including the Riverdale area.

The proposed locations for new sidewalks from 2023-2025 include:

  • Joyce Street from Dover Road to Surgenor Street
  • Queen Street from Dover Road to Second Street West

Sidewalks provide many benefits to residents. These include access to public transit routes, schools, parks and other community facilities. The proposed sidewalks will also fill gaps in the active transportation network in the area, and provide direct walking routes to Viscount Alexander School, St Anne Catholic School, and Dover Heights Park.

The map below shows the locations of the proposed sidewalks as well as existing sidewalks in the area.

An image showing the location of the proposed sidewalk

The City is also proposing to limit parking (No-Parking Restriction) to one side of Queen Street between Dover Road and Second Street West. Queen Street is a Collector Road. This means that it serves to collect and distribute traffic between Local roads and Arterial roads. Typically, Collector roadways have moderate traffic volumes. This is true of Queen Street, which has traffic volumes of up to 4,000 vehicles per day. In many other areas of the City, parking is permitted on only one side of Collector roads. This helps to reduce the amount vehicles must adjust driving patterns to accommodate parked cars. It also allows for more visibility between vehicles on the roadway and pedestrians on the sidewalk, among other reasons.

The City is seeking input from local residents regarding the proposed sidewalks and parking limits via the survey form below. Please click the link below to fill out the survey form below to share your thoughts.

Click here to have access to the survey

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