The Municipal Works Yard Redevelopment Environmental Assessment completed in 2016 proposed a multi-year project to reconfigure and reconstruct all of the Municipal Works Yard facilities in order to meet the City’s municipal works service requirements for the foreseeable fifty-year growth period. The estimated total budget of $32 million for the MW Yard Redevelopment Plan (2018 – 2025) has been endorsed by Council and accounted for within the City’s Long Term Financial Plan.

 Noise Remediation


  • $829,700 Financing
  • $45,300 Development Charges
  • $875,000 Total

Study results have recommended that a sound barrier be constructed around the Municipal Works yard to supress noise generated by yard operations. 

The recommended composition and height of the proposed barrier would serve to mitigate noise to recommended levels as per MOECP guidelines. The barrier would also reduce the affects of night lighting and provide a security barrier for the Municipal Works yard. The outside finish of the barrier would be visually appealing. It is recommended the barrier be a modular concrete composite construction similar to the noise remediation barrier wall on the east side of Brookdale Avenue. 

 Standby Power Generator


  • $853,400 Financing
  • $46,600 Development Charges
  • $900,000 Total

As part of the Municipal Works Yard redevelopment plan, it is necessary to provide a new standby power generator which would have the capacity to power all existing and future Municipal Works facilities in the event of a power outage. 

 Employee Parking Lot


  • $218,000 Financing
  • $12,000 Development Charges
  • $230,000 Total

It is proposed that the new employee parking lot will be constructed on vacant municipal property located on the south side of Twelfth Street immediately adjacent to the Municipal Works yard. The completed parking lot design includes 105 parking stalls which is sufficient to accommodate the parking needs of current (and future projected) staff and visitors. 

 Design of New Administration Building


  • $426,700 Financing
  • $23,300 Development Charges
  • $450,000 Total

The current administration building was constructed in 1964. 

Funds will be used to commission an architectural firm to provide design and construction supervision services for the construction of a new administration building. Design would be completed in 2019, while construction would be scheduled to commence in 2020.

 Salt Management Facility


  • $2,370,600 Financing
  • $129,400 Development Charges
  • $2,500,000 Total

Construction of a new modern salt management facility with a storage capacity of 6,000 tonnes would allow delivery and storage of enough road salt for an entire winter season. All salt would be delivered within a two week period in early fall, well before winter begins. Such a facility would allow the City to comply with current environmental standards as well as all SMP recommendations. In addition, the salt would be stored in a much dryer condition (to prevent contact with unfavourable weather, which can cause clumping of salt). This is crucial to salt spreading operations, as the dry salt spreads without clumps and thus reduces waste. 

Salt storage facility map

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