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Hours of Service

The office is open from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, and 1:00PM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

We have an after-hours service to take emergency calls.  To access services for emergency purposes please call our regular telephone number 613-938-7717.  The after-hours service will take your information and forward it to the appropriate on-call staff person.

Repair Costs

There is no charge for repair due to normal wear and tear.  However, any damage you, your visitors, your children, or your pets cause will be charged to you.

The Client Services Supervisor and/or Client Services Coordinator is responsible for preparing and authorizing the charge for any repair of damage.  If you have any questions about a charged repair, you should discuss it with them.  A Tenant Service Charge Price List is attached to your lease agreement.


Before you start any decorating such as painting or wallpapering, you must get permission from your Client Services Supervisor/Coordinator.  If you use colours that are not similar to those used by us you will be charged for repainting/restoring the colours when you move out if you have not restored to the original colour.

Keys and Locks

If you lose any keys, we will charge a fee for replacement.

Locks can only be changed with the permission of your Client Services Supervisor or Client Services Coordinator or the Capital Works and Maintenance Supervisor and the Maintenance Coordinator.  All lock changes will be done by our Maintenance Repairperson or our contractor.  A fee will be charged to cover our staff time and the cost of a new lock.

If you lock yourself out after office hours, you will have to call our locksmith and pay for the charges.

Electrical Alterations

Any installation of ceiling fans or other electrical fixtures must be done by an approved electrical contractor and inspected when installed, at your expense.  Proof of installation and inspection must be provided to the office.

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