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 How can I become a firefighter in Cornwall?

At this time, we are not accepting applications as we have a large number of qualified applicants waiting to start training. We hire based on the needs of the department and will post updated information on this page when we begin accepting applications again. To view all available positions within the City of Cornwall, please click here.

How can I participate in Sparky's Toy Drive?

Sparky's Toy Drive
The Sparky Toy Drive is held during the Christmas Season to generate donations and gifts, and is ongoing throughout the year. Toys and Donations are distributed to various local charity groups which in turn then get distributed to local children and families. The Cornwall Firefighters Association is proud to help local charities with the help of Sparky, our mascot.
Toys and Donations can be dropped of at either Fire Station, during working hours, throughout the year.

Children stand in front of fire truck with blue jerseys on


Sparky the Fire Dog
Sparky the Fire Dog has been an international symbol to help children learn about fire and fire safety since 1951.
For Sparky's story, games, apps, and family fire safety tips and information, visit Sparky's website.


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 Questions regarding your smoke and CO alarms:
 What type of smoke and CO alarm should I buy?

We recommend that electrical smoke alarms (hard wired) and battery operated smoke alarms be U.L.C. listed. Products that have been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (U.L.C.), and found to meet their requirements carry the ULC mark. Most department or hardware stores carry a variety.

Where should I install my smoke alarm? 

The smoke alarm should be installed between each sleeping area and the remainder of the building or where a sleeping area is served by a hallway, install the alarm in the hall. Always install the smoke alarm on or near the ceiling in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.

It is the law for all Ontario homes to have a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas. This includes single family dwellings, semi-detached and town homes, whether owner-occupied or rented.

Smoke alarm intallation diagram 
When is a CO detector required? 
Existing residential occupancies that contain at least one fuel-burning appliance (e.g., gas water heater or gas furnace), fireplace or an attached garage, require the installation of a CO alarm.  
What are examples of residential buildings to which the CO alarm requirements apply?  

The following are examples of residential buildings:

  • Houses (detached, semi-detached, attached)
  • Rental Apartments/Condominiums
  • Residential Group Homes (adults, youth, children)
  • Hostels/Domiciliary Hostels
  • Social Housing
  • Student Residences/Dormitories
  • Retirement Homes (classified as residential occupancies)
  • Camps for Housing Workers
  • Boarding, Lodging, Rooming and Halfway Houses
  • Convents/Monasteries
  • Clubs (residential)
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Open and semi-secure detention for Youth
  • Recreational Camps
  • Residential Schools
  • Shelters (homeless/women)
How often should I check my smoke and CO alarms and how should I maintain them?

We change our clocks each spring and fall, which are GREAT times to change your smoke alarm batteries, too.  If the low battery warning beeps, replace the battery immediately.  Testing your alarms is recommended ONCE A MONTH!

Never remove the battery for use in other devices.

Dust can clog a smoke alarm, so carefully vacuum the inside of a battery powered unit using the soft bristle brush. If electrically connected, shut off the power and vacuum the outside vents only. Restore power and test the unit when finished.

Check your dates!  Smoke and CO alarms do wear out or expire.  If you think your alarms are more than 10 years old, replace them with new ones.

What fire safety measures should I take to protect my family?

The most important factors to protecting your family are operating smoke and CO alarms, as well as family escape plan. 

A family escape plan includes two exits from each room of your residence and a family meeting place.  Once you make your plan, practice it as a family. 

Car Seats - Where can I get my child's car seat installed? 

Car Seats are installed by staff at the EarlyON Child and Family Centre located at 130 Sydney Street, Cornwall, ON.  Please contact Diane at 613-930-9112, or 1-866-996-0499 extension “8”. 

Station Tours - Who do I call?

Fire Station Tours are an opportunity to see and learn about modern firefighting equipment, including fire trucks, and to ask firefighters those questions you’ve always wanted to. Tours are offered at Headquarter Station,10 Fourth Street West, and may last approximately 30 minutes - 1 hr depending on the request.

Station tours are scheduled by the On-Duty Platoon Chief.  Please contact 613-930-2787 ext. 2393 to book yours today!!


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