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Choose a call, text, or email to receive alerts about…

  • Emergencies (evacuations, facilities closures, provincial orders, major fires, etc),
  • Water main breaks,
  • Road closures,
  • Waste collection, and/or
  • Winter parking restrictions and snow removal

Self-registration ensures you will receive essential information from the City of Cornwall. At this time, only landlines are listed in our database. If you do not own a landline, or prefer to receive notices by phone, you should register today. Registration is free, voluntary, and secure.

Residents can choose which types of alerts they would like to receive. Alerts are geo-located, meaning they are only sent to relevant areas. For example, if a water main break occurs on York Street, only nearby residents will be alerted.

The City will continue to use other methods to let residents know of emergencies. In the case of water main breaks and scheduled road closures, paper notices are dropped off at affected homes. Social media, websites, news media, and other sources are also used, depending on the situation.

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 I already receive notifications from the City of Cornwall. Do I need to do anything?

No. If you are already receiving notifications, it means we have your landline in our database. You will continue to receive notices about water main breaks and about emergencies.

However, if you want to receive notification on your cell phone or via email, you must sign up. If you want to receive notifications about road closures, waste collection, and/or winter parking and snow removal, you must sign up.

 I already receive AMBER alerts and emergency notifications from the Province. Do I still need to sign up?
Yes. The provincial and federal notification systems are separate from the City of Cornwall's. We do not have access to their database of cell phone numbers.
 What happens if my phone number or address changes, or if I decided I don't want to receive alerts?
You can always update your information, notification preferences, and account if you change your mind, move, or get a new cell phone number.
 I signed up but haven't received any notifications yet. Why?
The City will only send out notifications when necessary. Staff are also being trained to send notifications, and some lists will be phased in as departments become ready to use this feature.
 I have an elderly relative who doesn't use computers. How can I be sure they will sign up for notifications?
Please assist any neighbours, relatives, and friends to sign up.
 How will my personal information be protected?
A limited number of trained City of Cornwall employees will use the RAVE notification system to alert you based on your preferences. Staff do not have access to individual account information. RAVE manages and stores its information in Canada and will not sell your information to third parties.

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