Keeping the Cornwall community safe is our collective responsibility. If you find a needle or other drug paraphernalia, it's important to follow these guidelines carefully. 

If you find a needle:

  1. Children should never touch a discarded needle or other drug supplies.
  2. Adults should assume all needles and drug supplies are contaminated.
  3. Wear gloves to protect against any contamination from fluids.
  4. Use tongs, pliers, or tweezers to pick up the needle. Clean the tongs, pliers, or tweezers afterwards.
  5. Point the tip of the needle away from your body and be sure not to poke yourself.
  6. Put the needle in a sharps container, or use a non-breakable, puncture proof container, like a thick plastic bottle or tin can. Place the needle point down into the container. Close the container if possible.
  7. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after you take off your gloves.
  8. Bring the container to one of the drop off locations listed below. If you are transporting an unlocked container, ensure it is secured and won't spill the contents during transport.
  9. Don't flush it down the toilet. Don't put it in the garbage or recycling bin.
  10. If a needle injury occurs, get medical attention right away.

Where needles can be dropped off:

  • Change Health: 41 Second Street West
  • Cornwall Police Services: 340 Pitt Street or 330 Montreal Road
  • Recovery Cornwall: 805 Sydney Street

Most Cornwall pharmacies also accept needles:

  • Cotton Mill Pharmacy: 703 Cotton Mill Street
  • FreshCo Pharmacy: 525 Ninth Street East
  • Fullerton Drug Stores: 820 McConnell Avenue
  • Fullerton Drug Stores: 170 Pitt Street
  • Guardian Drug Mart: 841 Sydney Street
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 31 Ninth Street West
  • Medical Arts Pharmacy: 30 Thirteenth Street East
  • Medical Arts Pharmacy: 165 Montreal Road
  • Medical Pharmacy: 609 Pitt Street
  • Pharmasave Respect Rx: 805 Sydney Street
  • Pharmasave Time Square: 106 Second Street West
  • Pitt Street Pharmacy: 1327 Pitt Street
  • PJC Jean Coutu: 5 Ninth Street West
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 1 Water Street East
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 1236 Brookdale Ave
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 1380 Second Street East
  • Walmart Pharmacy: 420 Ninth Street West

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