The City of Cornwall’s popular Give a Shirt campaign is back once more and with a hefty goal — to collect over 5 tones of An orange shirt surrounded by flowers recycled textiles.

From October 16 until October 20, residents are invited to donate gently used clothing, bedding, and shoes. The donations will then be brought to the Agape Centre’s New For You, Baldwin House’s Serendipity Boutique, and the Salvation Army thrift store.

“Hand in hand with Circular Economy Month, the Gives a Shirt Program is meant to create awareness on how to divert clothing and textile waste from landfills,” said Emily McDonald, Environmental Analyst. “Many of the unwanted clothing items can still be used and discarding this material into landfills not only consumes valuable space in the landfill, it is a missed opportunity to support other people in our community.”

To participate, simply collect the items you want to donate, bag them, and then place a sign on the bag that states: “Give-A-Shirt” on the day of your regular garbage and recycling collection.

Items that are torn, stained or not reusable, please label the bag as “clothes for recycling”.

Place your bag (s) out on your regular collection day, a few feet away from your garbage and recycling. These items are sent for recycling through a partnership with Canadian Diabetes Association.

Since the start of the Cornwall Gives-A-Shirt campaign six years ago, Cornwall residents have donated a staggering amount of textile waste — 54,060 kgs to be exact. That’s more than 54 tones!

For the fall collection, city residents are asked to donate fall and winter items.

You can reduce textile waste by avoiding fast fashion items from large manufacturers who rapidly produce and market high volumes of clothing that are generally lesser quality and will not last as long in your wardrobe. Consider shopping at local businesses who sell well-made clothing rather than purchasing large cooperation fast-fashion items.

Other ways to help reduce textile waste include repairing items rather than simply tossing them out; upcycling worn out items into something new and fun; swapping clothes with friends; shopping at the City's thrift stores and considering renting items you'll likely only wear once.

In case you missed your pick-up or have additional clothing or textiles you wish to donate, there is a textile donation bin located at the City of Cornwall Landfill Site where you may drop-off donations or textiles for recycling during operating hours.

For more information, contact the City of Cornwall’s Environmental Analyst Emily McDonald at 613-930-2787 ext. 2434 or Waste Management Supervisor Dave Kuhn at or call 613-930-2787 ext. 2589


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