Glen Stor Dun Lodge Community Outreach Services is a non-profit organization that provides support services to clients and caregivers across our region.  The Outreach department offers a variety of programs with the goal of providing assistance to seniors and adults with disabilities.  Our compassionate team delivers high quality care that helps families remain at home together longer. 

Programs offered:

 Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a program available to people needing community support with their nutritional needs.   Hot nutritious meals are delivered by volunteers to people who are unable to attend to their meal preparation but wish to continue living in the community.  Meals are delivered Monday to Friday at a cost of $35.75 per week.  For more information call 613-933-3384 ext. 4263.

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 Adult Day Programs

The adult day programs offer the seniors in Cornwall and the three United Counties a day of fun and socialisation at the lodge. The service includes transportation to and from the program for those living within the City of Cornwall. The program assists individuals in achieving and maintaining their optimum level of independence by providing mental/physical stimulation, encouraging social interaction, offering exercise programs, health promotion, educational opportunities and preventing isolation. Programs are available Monday-Friday at a cost of $24.50 a day (includes lunch, snacks and transportation) or $21.50 without transportation.  For more information call 613-933-3384 ext. 4243 or 4250.

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 Telephone Assurance Program (TAP)

The Telephone Assurance Program arranges for volunteer to make a daily telephone call to a senior living alone for a friendly chat and daily check to determine that the individual is not in crisis or at risk of harm.  This program provides seniors with a feeding of security, knowing that their well-being and safety are being monitored.  In addition it provides important social contact which helps to prevent social isolation.  There is no charge for this program.  For more information call 613-933-3384 ext. 4243 or 4250.

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