Let's be clear about garbage!

Starting in 2025, the City of Cornwall will require garbage to be contained in clear bags, or loose in garbage cans. A clear bag program supports diversion initiatives such as the blue box recycling collection and a green bin organics (kitchen waste) collection, which is provincially mandated and will operating in 2025. 

The privacy of residents is important. With a clear bag collection program, an allotment of small opaque (non transparent) bags would be permissible to be contained within the clear bags. Residents and businesses would still be able to use garbage cans, as long as the waste is loose in the garbage can or is contained in clear bags. 

At the time of implementation, Cornwall will also be operating a green bin collection, removing all food waste into a locking, rodent proof green bin, which will be supplied by the City. 

If you have any questions or comments about the new program, please email the Waste Management Team at wm@cornwall.ca or call 613-937-1777. 

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