Construction Notices

Paving Notice (2023-10-25)
Sod Care Notice (2023-10-03)

Paving Notice (2023-09-20)

Disruption of Water Service (2023-06-28)
Connection to Temporary Water Supply (2023-06-26)

Project Contact

Nathan Guindon - Project Supervisor

Phone : 613-551-4440

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2023 Aberdeen Avenue Reconstruction Map


The City will be reconstructing Aberdeen Avenue from Marlborough Street to Gloucester Street in 2023.

The project includes rebuilding the road corridor (new pavement, curbs), a new sidewalk on the North side of the road, and the installation of a new water, storm and sanitary sewer mains.

The project involves the separation of the existing combined sewer(s). Sewer separation involves replacing the existing sewer (which includes both storm and sanitary flows) and installing separate pipe networks for storm and sanitary flows. When combined sewers are separated, it reduces the flow of rainwater into the sewage system and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This reduces basement flooding because there is less water flowing into the pipes that are connected to homes. It also reduces the possibility of water bypassing the Wastewater Treatment Plant and going into the St. Lawrence River. 

2023 Aberdeen presentation Drawing

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What to Expect During Construction

The project will involve the following work/stages:

  1. Installation of a temporary watermain in the boulevard
  2. Installation of temporary water services from the watermain to your outdoor taps.
  3. Connecting residences to the temporary water supply.
  4. Excavation
  5. Installation of new water, storm and sanitary sewer mains.
  6. Removal of the existing watermain and combined sewer(s).
  7. Installation of new water services and sewer laterals.
  8. Grading and placing granular for a new road base.
  9. Installation of new curbs and sidewalks (forming and pouring).
  10. Paving the new roadway – includes two layers of asphalt.
  11. Restoration - includes new topsoil and sod and the repair of driveways and walkways.

Before the work starts, you will see utility companies (Enbridge, Bell, etc.) on your street. They are moving infrastructure they own to accommodate the work. If you have any service disruptions, please contact them directly.

There will be times when the water supply is disrupted. This is because the water has to be off in order to connect/disconnect residents to the temporary water supply so that the new watermain can be installed. The Contactor will send out notices twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the water being turned off.

Sometimes, unexpected events happen, like watermain breaks. When that happens, we cannot provide notice. We will work to restore your water service as quickly as possible.

There may be days where you don't see the Contractor on site in between the different stages of construction. This is a normal part of the process. The Contractor has many crews that do different types of work.

While the sidewalk and curbs are being formed and poured, you will not be able to park in your driveway. We will let you know ahead of time. Once the concrete hardens (usually after two or three days), you will be able to use your driveway again.

The Contractor may block your driveway during construction. They will do their best to keep these disruptions short. You will always be able to access your home and local businesses by foot. If you have any access needs, please contact the City.

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call or e-mail us using the contact information on this page.   

Construction News

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Paving Notice (2023-10-25)
Sod Care Notice (2023-10-03)

Paving Notice (2023-09-20)
Disruption of Water Service (2023-06-28)
Connection to Temporary Water Supply (2023-06-26)

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