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Disconnection from temporary water 

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Image of 2021 Watermain Relining Peter Street Section 2


The City will be rehabilitating the watermain on Peter Street from Pescod Avenue to the East limits. The existing watermain is made of 150mm diameter cast iron and was installed in 1956. The rehabilitation process is called cured-in-place watermain lining. The process consists of inserting a flexible liner into the existing watermain. Once the liner is in place, steam is used to 'cure' or harden the liner. The process creates a new watermain inside of the existing one. 

What to Expect During Construction

  1. Installation of a temporary watermain in the boulevard
  2. Installation of temporary water services from the watermain to your outdoor taps.
  3. Connecting residences to the temporary water supply.
  4. Excavation of access pits at intersections and strategic locations.
  5. Cleaning the existing watermain.
  6. Inspecting the watermain using closed circuit television (CCTV) devices.
  7. Installing the new liner.
  8. Cutting holes in the liner in locations where there are residential water services. Fun fact – this is done robotically.
  9. Disconnecting residences from the temporary water supply.
  10. Removing the temporary watermain and services.
  11. Restoration (New Topsoil & Sod and Repairing Driveways, Roadway and Curb).

Residents should expect to see access pits at the following locations:

  • Pescod Avenue (North West quadrant of the intersection)
  • 1407 Peter Street (East limit North and South Side of Peter Street for Fire Hydrant installation)

There will be times when the water supply is disrupted. This is because the water has to be off in order to connect/disconnect residents to the temporary water supply. The Contactor will send out notices in advance of the water being turned off.

Sometimes, unexpected events happen, like watermain breaks. When that happens, we cannot provide notice. We will work to restore your water service as quickly as possible.

There may be days where you don't see the Contractor on site  between the different stages of work. This is a normal part of the process. The Contractor has many crews that do different types of work.

If you have any concerns, give us a call or e-mail us using the contact information on this page. 

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 Disconnection from temporary water

The water is expected to be shut off on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at approximately 8 a.m. as part of the construction project. Your house is being placed back to water being supplied by the new water system installed as part of this project and disconnecting you form the overland system.

The contractor will be going door to door to turn your water on, to the municipal system & disconnect your house from the temporary water system.

If you will not be home during this time, please follow below instructions:

  1. Close small valve situated on the “Y” adapter attached to your outside tap to point away from your outside tap (see diagram).
  2. Close your outside garden tap by turning the tap clockwise.
  3. Turn on your main waterline supply valve (usually located in the basement towards front of the house).
  4. Open your cold water tap on your bathtub and let it run for 5 - 7 min.

Should you still not have water please call 1-888-599-3624 and a representative will walk you through the steps to turn your water on or they will come assist you if required.

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