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The resurfacing of Walton Street from Danis Avenue to Gardiner Avenue includes full road rehabilitation between Danis Avenue and Lefebvre Avenue, and the removal of the top layer of asphalt between Lefebvre Avenue and Gardiner Avenue.

What to Expect During Construction

The section of Walton Street from Danis Avenue to Lefebvre Avenue will include the removal and replacement of curbs, sidewalks and four catchbasins.  The roadway will be excavated to remove the concrete road base and sub-grade material.  New granulars and asphalt will be placed, followed by surface restoration of driveways,walkways and lawns.

The section of Walton Street from Lefebvre Avenue to Gardiner Avenue will have the top layer of asphalt removed by a milling machine, followed by repaving within 10 work days of the asphalt being removed.  The project also involves curb and sidewalk spot repairs as needed.  All sidewalks intersecting a roadway will have the corner slabs replaced and tactile indicator plates installed.

Road and Driveway Access

The City anticipates that road closures will be needed to complete the work safely. Access to driveways may be impacted during the construction period; however, access will be restored as quickly as possible. Pedestrian access to all homes and businesses will be maintained during construction.

Construction News

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Construction Postponement Notice

October 22, 2020

The City of Cornwall will be postponing the rehabilitation of Walton Street from Danis Avenue to Gardner Avenue. The rehabilitation of Walton Street from Danis Avenue to Gardner Avenue is now scheduled to take place during spring of 2021.Additional information will be provided to residents in advance of construction activities in 2021.

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