The $500K included in the 2020 Budget would fund the following: 1) Engineering Design Services; 2) Geotechnical Investigations; 3) Aerial Topographic Survey; 4) Legal Survey; and 5) Utility Coordination/Design. In order to determine the feasibility of the future expansion of the Business Park, the detailed engineering design must be completed. Following the detailed design, detailed project cost estimates will be provided and staff will assess the feasibility of the project. Additionally, having the engineering design, geotechnical investigation and surveys completed will allow the City to immediately proceed with the construction of the project should further land sales occur.


The City has undertaken several Environmental Assessments (EA) and construction projects in the east end of the City in order to accommodate increased development and traffic volumes:

  1. Nick Kaneb Dr. Extension from Second St. to Marleau Ave. (Construction - 2009);
  2. Marleau Ave. Widening/Improvements EA from Marlborough St. to Glenview Boul. (EA - 2012);
  3. Industrial Park Drive Extension (Construction - 2012);
  4. Cornwall Business Park Transportation Master Plan (EA - 2013);
  5. Marleau Ave. Widening from Marlborough St. to Alice St. (Construction - 2017); and
  6. Nick Kaneb Drive Extension – Marleau Avenue to Tenth Street East (Construction – 2019/20)

With the majority of the lands sold and developed in the southern and eastern portions of the Business Park, the City examined future development expansion and transportation network possibilities in the northwestern portions of the Business Park. A new transportation link in the northwestern portion of the Business Park would provide an access to McConnell Avenue (via Tollgate Road) and the Highway 401 interchange (at McConnell Avenue). The new transportation network expansion would also include the necessary underground linear infrastructure which would connect to the southern portion of the Business Park. The EA for the extension of Nick Kaneb Drive to McConnell Avenue was undertaken in 2012 and completed in 2013. The purpose of the EA was to provide a Recommended Transportation Plan within the northwestern quadrant of the Business Park. The EA had the following goals:

  1. Improve roadway network connectivity, operations and safety within the expansion lands;
  2. Accommodate all modes of travel (bicycles, pedestrians, trucks, emergency vehicles and transit);
  3. Accommodate land development within the expansion lands of the Business Park; and
  4. Receive environmental clearance for the future detailed design and construction of the roadway.

The Business Park has seen extensive development over the last several years and is reaching the end of its capacity in the southern and eastern quadrants. As a result, the City is planning for the extension of Nick Kaneb Drive to Tollgate Road/McConnell Avenue in order to provide development opportunities in the northwest quadrant of the Business Park. The expansion of the Business Park will require the implementation of a transportation network to accommodate access to new development sites and provide connectivity with the existing local road network.

In 2019, the City budgeted for the extension of Nick Kaneb Drive from Marleau Avenue to Tenth Street East (Phase 2). The construction of this section of Nick Kaneb Drive will begin in the Spring of 2020 and will be completed in the summer of 2020. The extension of Nick Kaneb Drive from Tenth Street East to Tollgate Road/McConnell Avenue (Phase 3) will proceed following the completion of Phase 2 and will provide for further transportation network connectivity. Phase 3 of the Nick Kaneb Drive Extension project will only proceed when further land sales along the corridor occur and if the project is determined to be financially viable.

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