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There are seven programs available through Heart of the City, with targeted areas for revitalization projects including the downtown core and Le Village. Generally speaking, the initiatives focus on aesthetic improvements, as well as upgrading and/or renovating commercial developments and ancillary residential units.

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Please be aware that the applications are placed on the website to help facilitate the application process. However, we strongly urge the applicant to discuss and direct any questions you may have pertaining to the application to staff.

 City of Cornwall Rehabilitation Grant Program (tax-based)

A land owner is reimbursed part or all of the increase in municipal taxes paid as a result of improvements made to a building. For example, after improving a building, the owner's tax bill is increased. The grant allows for a reimbursement , on a sliding scale, in part or in full for up to 10 years (based upon each individual case).

Building Restoration & Improvement Program
A landowner receives a loan, either forgivable or, interest-free, to help with interior improvements to buildings for 50% of the total cost to a maximum of $30,000. For example, if a landowner spends $20,000 for renovations and heating system upgrades, the landowner would be eligible for a loan of $10,000.
Project Feasibility Study Grant
A landowner is provided a grant of 50% of the cost of such things as feasibility studies or concept drawings to a maximum of $7,500 . For example, a landowner invests $1,000 to have concept drawings prepared. Under the program, he or she would be eligible to a $500 grant.
Facade Improvement/Heritage Sign Grant
A grant can be available to assist with improvements to a building facade or, for new signage. Funding is based on 50% of the costs to a maximum of $10,000 for facade work and $2,000 for new signage. For example, if the cost is $24,000 to repair and replace the current facade, windows and door along with a new sign, the owner will receive a grant of $12,000.
Municipal Planning/Development Fees Grant
A landowner upgrading or re-developing a property can receive full reimbursement for such items as an Official Plan / Zoning Amendments and Building Permits.
Discretionary Municipal Tipping Fees Grant
A developer is given a reduction in the cost of dumping non-hazardous waste at the municipal landfill site. The grant is for 50% of the assigned fee with a total dollar amount as determined by the City.
Payment-in-Lieu of Parkland Dedication Grant

In specific city areas, commercial/industrial properties are required to provide land or cash-in-lieu of up to 2% of the commercial property value, or area (5% for residential projects) for Parland dedication. In this program, a developer can receive a rebate to put towards improvements such as landscaping, for example, a parkette.

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