Save money and protect the environment by building or improving an energy efficient home!

Check out the list below for grants, rebates, and funding opportunities. Visit the websites linked below for more information.

The City of Cornwall also operates the Ontario Renovates program - learn more about the forgivable home improvement loan.

 Canada Greener Homes Grant

Buildings, including our homes, account for 18% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Government of Canada wants to help Canadians make where they live more energy-efficient. This means homes will be more comfortable and more affordable to maintain while also supporting our environmental objectives. The Canada Greener Homes Grant will help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, create new jobs across Canada for energy advisors, grow our domestic green supply chains, and fight climate change.

Learn more about the Canada Greener Homes Grant

 Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate

The Home Efficiency Rebate can help lower your energy costs and make it more comfortable year-round. Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces and home energy assessments.

Learn more about the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate

 Enbridge Home Winterproofing Program

The Home Winterproofing Program can help you lower your natural gas bill and make your home more comfortable. If your home and household income levels qualify, you’ll get free insulation, draft proofing and a smart thermostat to reduce energy costs up to 30 percent.

Learn more about the Enbridge Home Winterproofing Program

 Enbridge Smart Thermostat Program

Did you know that heating and cooling make up 64 percent of your home’s energy use? With simple setup and advanced features, a smart thermostat makes it easy and convenient to lower your energy costs while staying comfortable. Before you buy, get a $75 discount code and redeem it at the time of purchase.

Learn more about the Enbridge Smart Thermostat Program

 Sagen Energy Efficient Housing Program

Rewards home buyers purchasing energy-efficient homes or making energy saving renovations with significant savings.

Learn more about the Sagen Energy Efficient Housing Program

 Save On Energy - Energy Affordability Program

The Energy Affordability Program offers energy-saving upgrades tailored to the specific needs of your home, all at no cost. And a more energy-efficient home means more comfort and more money in your wallet.

Learn more about the Energy Affordability Program

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