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The City of Cornwall is undertaking a Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review. The process will result in a new Zoning By-law, which will replace the City’s existing Zoning By-law (No. 751-1969), as amended. The City’s existing Zoning By-law can be found here.

What is a Zoning By-law?

A Zoning By-law is a legal document prepared in accordance with the requirements under Section 34 of the Planning Act. It implements the City’s Official Plan policies by providing standards for how a property may be developed, including:

  • the types of uses, buildings, and structures that are permitted on a property;
  • lot sizes, lot coverage, and building heights;
  • setbacks from streets, lot lines, and waterbodies; and
  • parking and landscaping requirements.
Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review Process

The Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review will be undertaken in eight (8) phases. There will be opportunities for public engagement throughout the process including five (5) Public Open Houses, as well as a Statutory Public Meeting. The project is anticipated to be completed in 2021. The new Zoning By-law would be presented to City Council for adoption, followed by a 20-day appeal period.

 Engagement Event: Public Open House #1

Join us at the first Public Open House to learn more about the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review process, how zoning affects your property, and how to provide input. Click here to review the Notice.

Click here to read the presentation.

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Layout of engagement events


Get involved!

The Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review is an important City initiative and we encourage you to get involved. Throughout the project, there will be numerous opportunities to provide your input through in-person and online activities. Check back here for details on upcoming engagement events and to review supporting background documents, as well as the draft and final versions of the new Zoning By-law and mapping.

Helpful Links

If you want to learn more about Zoning By-laws and how they affect your property, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has prepared a Citizen's Guide to Zoning By-laws.

Questions? Comments? Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to submit comments on the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review process, please send an email to

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