Brownfields are abandoned, vacant, derelict or underutilized commercial and industrial properties, usually provided with urban services, where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination. Redeveloping Brownfields sites provides an opportunity for:

  • Neighbourhood revitalization
  • Site clean-up: environmental restoration and/or aesthetic improvements
  • More effective use of existing municipal infrastructure within urban areas
  • Increased tax revenue
  • Employment opportunities
  • Re-use of underutilized or neglected lands
  • Heritage preservation

There are a number of potential Brownfield sites which fall into several broad categories. 

The majority of sites considered for Brownfields are small scale sites located within the city along principal commercial corridors - Pitt Street, Second Street, Ninth Street, Montreal Road, Brookdale Avenue and Vincent Massey Drive.

There are multiple sites which represent a significant opportunity for potential redevelopment including residential, commercial, recreational or other community uses.

There are many sites located on the edge of the urban area in close proximity to existing industrial or commercial areas. These sites represent an opportunity for new commercial or industrial development.

Brownfields are usually located within strategic areas of the community with an existing transportation infrastructure (including public transit), with facilities (water, sewage, schools, parkland and other community infrastructure), are close to or in downtown cores, with potential for a range of uses including residential, commercial, retail and mixed use development.

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Please be aware that the applications are placed on the website to facilitate the application process. However, we strongly urge the applicant to discuss and direct any questions you may have pertaining the application to staff.

There are eight programs available under Brownfields:

 City of Cornwall Rehabilitation Grant (tax-based) Program
This grant is based on the "Reimbursing Developer" approach where the landowner/developer pays the full cost of redevelopment as well as the annual increase in property tax which results. The City then reimburses (or rebates) the developer by means of an annual grant equivalent to all or part of the municipal portion of tax increase over an established "base" assessment and tax liability.
 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Grant and Project Feasibility Study Grant Program
This grant is geared towards sites with a Phase 1 ESA, providing assistance to specify the nature and extent of contamination through partial funding of Phase II and Phase III ESA, for example. Partial funding (to a maximum of 50% of the study costs, with a maximum dollar cap, subject to limitations) of the feasibility study is provided to determine the viability of the proposed use given the environmental conditions of the site.
 Brownfield Property Tax Cancellation Assistance Program
This program provides assistance to landowners by removing the cost of property taxation by cancelling the increase of property taxation. As a result of provincial legislative changes, there are added opportunities to have a combined cancellation of both municipal and education portions of tax over a predetermined time period.
 Municipal Brownfield and Urban Information Service Program
The purpose of this service is to prepare and maintain a database with information on key potential brownfield sites (e.g. information on site size, use, ownership, zoning, etc.). This is designed to provide on-going assistance with redevelopment efforts, renovations or re-use of brownfield sites.
 Municipal Brownfield and Urban Information Service Program
This program is designed to assist landowners/developers through the reduction of development costs related to municipal planning and development fees. Fee payments are rebated 100% on condition of achieving approvals, building or occupancy permits.
 Discretionary Municipal Tipping Fees Grant Program
This program provides assistance to landowners/developers through the reduction of development costs related to removal and disposal of non-hazardous material at municipal landfill.
 Municipal Property Acquisition, Disposal and Marketing Program
This is an ad-hoc opportunity led program in which the City of Cornwall invests in the purchase of property, sale of, and/or leasing of municipal property dependant on the opportunity for involvement in small, medium and large scale redevelopment efforts involving Brownfields.
 Payment-in-Lieu of Parkland Dedication Program
This program provides a reduction of development costs for residential and non-residential developers through existing legislative discretion for exempting a landowner from providing a cash-in-lieu payment for parkland dedication purposes. Note: This program applies to sites where land dedication is not feasible.

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