Cornwall City Council has outlined its mission, vision, and priorities in the following strategic plan. To view other City of Cornwall plans, please click here.

Mission:  To provide services that enable a financially and environmentally sustainable community which will care and provide for the needs and values of its residents.

Vision:  The City of Cornwall is recognized as a welcoming and healthy communitywith a strong municipal government providing effective services and infrastructure.



 Developing waterfront through ownership, partnerships for business, recreational opportunities

1. Pop-up businesses

2. Sports and recreation opportunities

3. Development of Pointe Maligne Park with budgeted funds

4. Sustained pressure to own strategic parts of our waterfront

5. Encourage private sector development (residential, retail, commercial)

 Attracting, enhancing workforce that meets demands of local employers

1. Convene a workforce group

2. Explore short-term affordable housing as way to facilitate relocation of workers

3. Lobby government officials to reverse trends of immigrants to large centres

4. Facilitate liaison activities between job creators, educators, and senior government to define needed skills, improve existing programs

Growing quality of housing stock, including affordable housing
  1. Create a taskforce
  2. Create rental licensing registry to enable a database and adherence to applicable by-laws and standards

 3. Look at options to increase enforcement of property standards, building & fire codes

 Economic development and pursuing diverse population growth of 50,000

1. Better branding for areas of the City

2. Attract remote workers via incentives

3. Focus on reducing number of vacant commercial spaces

4. Continue to invest in infrastructure

5. Encourage infill project (e.g. Brookdale)

 Being leaders in sustainability and climate change impact

1. Create Environmental & Climate Change Committee

2. Composting

3. Water meters

4. Education on recycling & waste reduction

5. Plastic bag ban

6. Identify what the City could take the lead on

The plan is also available as a PDF - click here to view.

Strategic Plan



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