The City of Cornwall has developed a submission to the Smart Cities Challenge. This Challenge is aimed at empowering communities across the country to address local issues that their residents face through new partnerships, using a smart cities approach.

A smart cities approach means achieving meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and connected technology. This approach can be adopted by any community, big or small.

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 Our Proposal
Challenge Statement: Residents in Cornwall will feel safer and more secure knowing that their homes can communicate with emergency services if the need ever arises.

The City of Cornwall is proposing the design and implementation of a Safe Home Monitoring System (SHMS), which will leverage existing technologies to provide an interactive home safety monitoring system which provides enhanced protective services to all residents of the City of Cornwall.

The SHMS will be a direct two-way communication system which will not only monitor your home and alert emergency services when required, but maintain system accuracy and provide first responders with crucial information while they respond:

  1. Home Monitoring. The SHMS will continuously monitor active alerting systems through interconnected wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms located in every single family residential dwelling and apartment units, connected through dedicated WiFi3 technology to a city-run monitoring capability. It will incorporate a voice activated capability enabling the resident to contact for help via verbal commands. In the event of an emergency, the system will signal an alarm mode to city dispatch outlining the type of event occurring in the home;
  2. Dedicated Messaging. The SHMS will deliver public service messages to each home, such as educational messages on preventative safety measures;
  3. Instinctive Connectivity. Once the system is activiated, real-life dispatchers can connect with the resident through a voice-over IP system to qualify the nature of an emergency;
  4. Proactive Disclosure. The system can deliver real-time accurate information on the property to arriving first responders, allowing them to make accurate tactical decisions, and;
  5. Constant Readiness. Provide up-to-date data and information on the status of Smoke, CO alarm condition and functionality to ensure faulty detection is addressed immediately.

This project clearly meets the objectives of the Smart Cities Challenge, but more importantly has the ability to enhance city services and transform how emergencies are communicated.

The City’s submission falls into the “feel safe and secure” category, though it has the potential of having a much greater impact on our community.

The constant and accelerating pace of technological change is having a profound impact on privacy protection. This project will focus on the privacy issues surrounding the proactive disclosure of information. The security element will be at the forefront of this project. This is why the concept looks to operate on a secured independent network. The intent of the project is not to acquire and decipher data; it is intended to provide the safest most efficient services possible. Information that can be used by first responders already has to meet certain regulatory privacy, and circle of care conventions.
 About the Smart Cities Challenge 

The Smart Cities Challenge is a pan-Canadian competition open to communities of all sizes, including municipalities, regional governments and Indigenous communities. The Challenge encourages communities to adopt a smart cities approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology.

According to Infrastructure Canada, and for the purposes of the Challenge, a smart cities approach means achieving meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and connected technology. This approach can be adopted by any community, big or small.

Finalists will receive support to develop their smart cities proposals. Winning communities will be awarded with prize money to help implement them.

The Challenge will be an open and transparent process. Communities that submit proposals will also post them online, so that residents and stakeholders can see them. An independent jury will be appointed to select finalists and winners.

Eligible applications will be reviewed and evaluated by an independent jury. Finalists will be selected by Summer 2018 and will receive a $250,000 grant to develop their final proposal.

Finalists will develop fully-implementable final proposals that outline all design, planning, and project management components of their plans by Winter 2019.

The jury will select winners by Spring 2019.

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