The City of Cornwall provides grants, in-kind services, and partnerships to non-profit organizations through its Municipal Grants Program and Community Partnership Program.

The Municipal Grants Program offers a number of funding opportunities each year for the purpose of starting and/or supporting community-based initiatives; such as, events, projects, festivals, and programs.

The Community Partnership Program offers an opportunity for non-profit organizations to partner with the City of Cornwall for capital project initiatives that would benefit the community.

Below you will find information for the Municipal Grants Programs, as well as the Community Partnership Program offered by the City.

 Municipal Grants Program

The City of Cornwall recognizes the valuable contributions made by community organizations and volunteer groups to improve the well-being of the community and the quality of life for its residents. In recognition of these contributions, the Municipality is committed to providing modest assistance to such organizations through its Municipal Grants Program. Support is provided each year from the Municipality’s operating budget to qualifying organizations through an annual application process.

The different types of grants available through the Municipal Grants Program Policy are identified as follows:

Program 1 – Financial and In-Kind Assistance: provides eligible financial grants and in-kind contribution grants to support specific initiatives that promote inclusiveness and a broad community benefit through improving the well-being of the community and the quality of life for its residents. The maximum amount available to any one eligible organization in any one year is $10,000 (cash, in-kind, or a combination of both).

Program 2 – Multi-Government Funding Support: provides a required municipal contribution to access funding from the federal and/or provincial government(s). The maximum amount available to any one eligible organization in any one year is $30,000.

Please click on the links below for further information regarding the Municipal Grants Program.

Municipal Grants Program Policy 

Municipal Grants Program Guidelines 

Application Process

Applications will be completed and submitted electronically. The electronic version of the application has been designed to ensure all required information is submitted. 

The application period will open annually on October 1, and close the last Friday of October.  No exceptions will be made. The application will no longer be accessible after that time. 

Municipal Grants - Program 1 - Financial and In-Kind Assistance Application Form

Municipal Grants - Program 2 - Multi-Government Funding Support Application Form

Letter of Agreement

Prior to the disbursement of any municipal funds, all grantees must sign a Letter of Agreement on the approved form, which specifies the terms and conditions of the grant.

Final Report

Prior to the last Friday in October in the year the grant was received, a Final Report must be completed and submitted to Financial Services; OR if the funded initiative was not completed by the last Friday in October, the organization must file an Interim Report along with a request for an extension of the Final Report deadline.

Final Report Form

Interim Report Form

 Community Partnership

Community Partnership: provides partnerships between community groups and the City of Cornwall for capital projects. Capital projects are projects of an unusual or extraordinary nature, with a total projected capital cost of at least $100,000, that will build upon, add to, or improve a capital asset.

Please click on the links below for further information regarding the Community Partnership Program.

Community Partnership Policy

Application Process

Interested parties are to review the Community Partnership Policy. Requests will be evaluated in accordance with this Policy. Each proposal must include an estimate of the total project costs, an estimate of on-going operating costs, and proposed funding sources. The proposal must define the program elements, target users, and timelines for the completion of the project. Administration will bring forward a report to Council. Council will decide whether to enter into the partnership.

Other Funding Opportunities

Visit the Ontario Trillium Foundation website.

More information about the Eastern Ontario Development Program.

Visit the Grants Ontario website.

Learn about the New Horizons Grant.

 For more information on grant programs, email

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