Glen Stor Dun Lodge management and staff are making every effort to ensure the health and safety of residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seniors have been identified as a vulnerable group, and the Lodge team has been focused on keeping our residents and employees safe while providing high quality care.

 Outdoor Visits as of June 18

As of Thursday, June 18, outdoor visits are permitted at the Lodge. Advanced booking is required - no drop-in visits permitted.

Book your visit by calling recreologists Joel Campeau or Meghan Marsolais at 613-933-3384 ext. 4243.


Prior to each visit, the visitor must:
  1. Come to the main entrance and PASS an active screening questionnaire administered by Lodge staff.
  2. Provide written proof that the person visiting has tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous two (2) weeks and continue to provide proof on an on-going bi-weekly basis. 
  3. Comply with LTCH infection, prevention and control protocols, including proper use of hand hygiene, face masks and respecting a 6 feet/2m social distance.
    • Visitors are required to wear a face mask and are responsible for providing their own face mask.
  4. Any non-adherence to these requirements will be the basis for discontinuation of visits.



  • Visits will be allotted in 30 minute increments.
  • The visiting area will be cleaned and disinfected between every visit.
  • Please do not arrive until 5 minutes before your scheduled visit in order to eliminate the crossing of paths with other family members as well as to provide us with enough time to sanitize the visiting area between visits and to bring the resident back to their room and get the next resident.
  • Based on the size of our resident population we will be able to accommodate one (1) family member visit per resident per week.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list to see your loved one more often, please let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone.


Visitor Guidelines:

We ask you to please follow the guidelines below to ensure a safe visit that include:

  1. Wear a mask at all times;
  2. Only one visitor per resident is permitted.
  3. Report to the Screener to complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and provide proof of testing.
  4. Sanitize your hand upon arriving and when leaving the Lodge.
  5. Once you pass screening, you will be directed to the appropriate visiting area.  Staff will support the portering of residents out of and into the building.
  6. Do not bring pets.
  7. Do not bring any outside refreshments or food for you or the resident.
  8. Any items that you would like to leave for your family member should be left with the Screener as per current process.
  1. We know it will be extremely hard not to want to embrace physically with your family member. Please ensure that you are following physical distancing guidelines. Any non-adherence to these requirements will be the basis for discontinuation of visits.

Please note that, due to the anticipated popularity of the outdoor family visits, window visits will come to an end on June 18.

In the event that during the relaxed visitor restrictions, the Glen Stor Dun Lodge enters into an outbreak, all non-essential visitations will stop and outbreak protocol will begin.

Essential Information for Families

  • Lodge staff will continue to contact the designated primary point of contact for changes related to the health status of our residents.
  • Family members can schedule video calls with loved ones: 613-933-3384 ext. 4248.
  • Photos of Lodge residents are available on Facebook - click here to view.

Precautions and Actions

  • Frequent outbreak management team meetings to discuss the protocol and associated changes from regulatory bodies.
  • Monitoring the outbreak: IPAC nurse led surveillance of residents/staff and appropriate course of action for those experiencing symptoms.
  • Actively screening all residents, at least twice daily, to identify if any resident has fever, cough or other symptoms. 
  • Control measures for residents: isolation if experiencing symptoms, keeping a surplus of supplies, etc.
  • Actively screening all staff twice per shift, including temperature checks. Anyone showing symptoms is not allowed in the building and is sent home immediately to self-isolate. Staff are also being tested for COVID-19 twice a month.
  • Admissions, re-admissions are not allowed until the outbreak is over.
  • Support measures for staff and volunteers: accommodation if necessary, use of PPE as per guidelines mandated by Ontario Health for COVID-19 pandemic, etc.
  • Monitoring infection prevention and control measures for staff & everyone entering the Lodge: hand hygiene, enhancing cleaning, staff shortage plans, etc.
  • General control measures: restricting entry to main entrance for screening purposes from 5:30am to 10pm daily.

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