About Delegations

Delegations or presentations are an opportunity for residents and groups to address Council for the purpose of making a verbal presentation with respect to items for Council consideration that fall under Council's mandate during a regular Meeting of Council.

To speak as a delegation or make a presentation at a Meeting of Council, please complete the attached form by the appropriate deadline noted in the FAQ section.  Council Agendas are published on the Wednesday preceding the scheduled public Meeting of Council.

The City Clerk reserves the right to designate the request to the appropriate meeting upon review of the completed form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make request for a presentation or delegation?

1.  Complete the Delegation and Presentation Request form.  The City Clerk will contact you to confirm your Delegation or Presentation or provide further direction.

2.  The City Clerk will then provide any additional information required for the meeting.

3.  An outline of your proposed Presentation or Delegation must be presented to the City Clerk no later than 12:00 Noon on the Tuesday preceding the scheduled Meeting of Council.  This allow the Clerk to include the information with the Agenda for Council's review.  It will allow Members of Council to prepare any questions that they may wish to ask on the subject matter.

What is the deadline for requests?

Requests to address Council must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled Meeting of Council.
How long do I have to speak?
Presenters shall be limited to three (3) spokespersons and allotted a maximum of 10 minutes to address Council in accordance with the City's Procedural By-law.
What is the procedure during a Presentation or Delegation? 
  1. Introduce yourself and any members of the group prior to starting the Presentation.
  2. When addressing Council, speak clearly.
  3. Direct your speech to the Chair (Mayor) of the meeting.  No more than one person shall speak at a time and at all times proper language, speech and decorum is to be maintained.  The Chair may direct any person in violation of proper decorum to withdraw from the meeting.
  4. Do not speak or answer questions until asked.
  5. Do not speak directly to any Member of Council, always through the Chair.
  6. When asked a question from a Member of Council, reply as follows "Through you Madame Mayor to Councillor ____ …".
  7. Do not interrupt a Member of Council while they are speaking.



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