The following page outlines policies for Cornwall City Council.

Petitions Policy
Council, at its meeting of November 23, 2020, approved the Petitions Policy, which outlines the procedure for receipt and recognition of public petitions.
Procedural By-law
Council, at its meeting of December 11, 2023, updated its Procedural By-law.  Click on Procedure By-law 2023-112 to view the by-law governing the proceedings of City Council.
 Declarations of Interest

At a meeting at which a member of Council discloses an interest, the member shall file a written statement of the interest and its general nature with the Clerk of the municipality or the Secretary of the committee or local board, as the case may be.  Click on the attached link to access the Declaration of Interest Form.

The following registry has been created to provide access to these records to the public.


Click the Conflict Registry button on the Council Meeting Calendar,, to view the registered declarations for 2020.

Declarations of Interest
Date Meeting

Written Statement

December 9, 2019 Regular Council Meeting Councillor Carilyne Hébert
December 9, 2019 Council In-Camera Councillor Todd Bennett
October 25, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

Councillor Carilyne Hébert

September 9, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

Councillor Eric Bergeron

June 24, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

Councillor Elaine MacDonald

June 17, 2019 PAC Meeting

Councillor Elaine MacDonald

May 27, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

Councillor Carilyne Hébert

April 23, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

Mayor Bernadette Clement

April 23, 2019 Council In-Camera

Mayor Bernadette Clement

Councillor Todd Bennett

March 4, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

Councillor Carilyne Hébert

February 27, 2019 Budget Meeting

Councillor Eric Bergeron

Councillor Maurice Dupelle


 Code of Conduct

The Corporation of the City of Cornwall has a Code of Conduct. This is a public declaration of the principles of good conduct and ethics that Council has decided the public can reasonably expect in the performance of the responsibilities of elected community representatives or public appointees.

These standards will protect and enhance the role and image of Council and local government, which is expected to be the most transparent and accountable level of government.

This Code shall apply to the Mayor, all Council Members, and members of local Committees, Commissions and Boards.

Click here to read the Code of Conduct

 Council-Staff Relations 

The document below provides requirements on how the City of Cornwall will ensure a respectful, tolerant and harassment-free relationship and workplace between council members and City staff.

Please click here to read the Council-Staff Policy.

 Integrity Commissioner

The City of Cornwall has established the role of an Integrity Commissioner, an independent and impartial position that reports directly to Council and whose powers and duties are set out in the Municipal Act, 2001.  Pursuant to Section 223.3 of the Act, Council appointed Tony Fleming of Cunningham Swan, Carty, Little & Bonham LLP as the City's Integrity Commissioner who handles complaints/concerns.


Please click here for Request for Inquiry Form.


Mr. Fleming can be contacted as follows: or 613-546-8096

Annual Reports

Town Hall Policy

The Gouncil of the Corporation of the City of Cornwall has identified community consultation and participation as key priorities. Town Hall Meetings have been implemented to allow an open dialogue between residents and Council for a free exchange of ideas and information in an informal atmosphere.


Town Hall meetings are to be based on a Question-and-Answer format with all members of the public welcome to pose questions and provide comments to Members of Council. To view meeting guidelines, click here.

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