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The following are some of the most frequently accessed by-laws:


By-Law Description By-Law #
Animal Control A By-Law related to the licensing and regulating of dogs. 112-1998 as amended
Busker and Tag Day

A By-law regarding solicitation on public property

Clean Yards (Yard Maintenance)

Yard Maintenance By-law (consolidation), being a by-law to regulate exterior property maintenance including vegetation, waste, graffiti, front decks and open porches, carports

Clothing Donation Boxes A By-Law to regulate the location and use of clothing donation boxes on private property. 2014-027
Construction, Demolition and Change of Use Permits A By-law respecting Construction, Demolition and Change of Use Permits  2019-027
Development Charges

A By-law for the Imposition of Area-Specific Development Charges within the Brookdale Avenue North Corridor

A By-law for the Imposition of City-Wide Development Charges


2018-037 & 2018-038
Fees and Charges A By-law to establish the fees and charges for the City of Cornwall   2019-047
Fences and Swimming Pool Enclosures A By-Law to regulate the erection, construction, and maintenance of fences and swimming pool enclosures. 040-2008 as amended
Firearms A By-Law to prohibit the discharge of guns, crossbows or long bows. 028-2000
Fireworks A By-Law to regulate and prohibit the setting off of fireworks within the limits of the City of Cornwall. 2017-098 as amended
Litter A By-Law prohibiting littering on private or public property. 051-1996
Low Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

A By-law to establish tax deferral eligibility for Low Income Seniors and/or Low Income Persons with Disabilities 

Motorized Snow Vehicles A By-Law to control the use of motorized snow vehicles within the City of Cornwall. 001-1996 as amended
Municipal Accommodation Tax

A by-law to establish the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT)

Noise A By-Law respecting noise and regulating times/places certain noises may or may not take place. 079-1996 as amended
Open Air Burning A By-Law to regulate open air burning, such as fire pits, grills, drums, etc. 2014-063
Park Lands A By-Law regulating access of parklands for domestic animals. 102-1979
Pigeon Control A By-Law to regulate the keeping of pigeons and the feeding of birds. 2013-205
Plumbing A By-law relating to licensing, regulating and governing of Plumbers, Master Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors  202-2005
Procedural A By-Law to regulate the proceedings of Cornwall City Council. 2012-058 as amended
Property Standards A By-Law to establish standards for the maintenance and occupancy of a property. 2014-191
Sewer Construction A By-Law regulating the installation of sanitary and storm sewers. 001-2000
Sewer Use By-Law A By-Law regulating the discharge of wastes and sewage into the public sewers. 103-2003

A By-Law for prohibiting or regulating signage.

Amendments -2006-2011

057-1982 as amended
Smoking (Public) A By-Law to prohibit smoking near buildings owned by the City of Cornwall (i.e. Benson Centre, Civic Complex, etc). 112-2007
Solid Waste (Waste Collection) A By-Law to regulate the collection, removal and disposal of municipal solid waste in the City of Cornwall. 2019-034
Streets A By-Law regulating the uses of public property in the City of Cornwall. 056-2003
Tax Rates

A By-law to repeal and replace Schedule A of By-law 2017-073 to set the 2018 tax rates and to levy taxes for the year 2018 

Taxi By-law

A By-law to regulate and licence the taxi industry within the City of Cornwall 

Traffic and Parking

A By-Law regulating non-moving traffic and parking violations.

Amendments from 1989 to 1998

Amendments from 1999 to 2005

Amendments from 2006 to 2012

Amendments from 2013 to 2017

Amendments from 2018

069-1989 as amended
Vacant Buildings A By-Law to regulate and secure vacant and/or boarded up buildings. 2014-109
Waterworks A By-law to provide for the Regulation of Water Supply 2016-019
Zoning Please click here to visit the Zoning By-law page. 751-1969 as amended


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