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The By-laws contained on this page are for information purposes only.  If you need an actual copy of the By-law please contact the Clerk's office or call 613-930-2787 ext. 2316. 

The following are some of the most frequently accessed by-laws.

By-Law Description By-Law #
Animal Control A By-Law related to the licensing and regulating of dogs. 112-1998, as amended
Busker and Tag Day

A By-law regarding solicitation on public property

Clean Yards (Yard Maintenance)

Yard Maintenance By-law (consolidation), being a by-law to regulate exterior property maintenance including vegetation, waste, graffiti, front decks and open porches, carports

2017-097, as amended
Clothing Donation Boxes A By-Law to regulate the location and use of clothing donation boxes on private property. 2014-027
Construction, Demolition and Change of Use Permits A By-law respecting Construction, Demolition and Change of Use Permits  2019-027
Development Charges

A By-law for the Imposition of Area-Specific Development Charges within the Brookdale Avenue North Corridor

A By-law for the Imposition of City-Wide Development Charges


2018-037 & 2018-038
Fees and Charges A By-law to establish the fees and charges for the City of Cornwall   2019-047
Fences and Swimming Pool Enclosures A By-Law to regulate the erection, construction, and maintenance of fences and swimming pool enclosures. 040-2008, as amended
Firearms A By-Law to prohibit the discharge of guns, crossbows or long bows. 028-2000
Fireworks A By-Law to regulate and prohibit the setting off of fireworks within the limits of the City of Cornwall. 2017-098, as amended
Litter A By-Law prohibiting littering on private or public property. 051-1996
Low Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

A By-law to establish tax deferral eligibility for Low Income Seniors and/or Low Income Persons with Disabilities 

Motorized Snow Vehicles A By-Law to control the use of motorized snow vehicles within the City of Cornwall. 001-1996, as amended
Municipal Accommodation Tax

A by-law to establish the Municipal Accommodation Tax(MAT)

Noise A By-Law respecting noise and regulating times/places certain noises may or may not take place. 079-1996, as amended
Open Air Burning A By-Law to regulate open air burning, such as fire pits, grills, drums, etc.


Rescinded September 9, 2019

Park Lands A By-Law regulating access of parklands for domestic animals. 102-1979
Pigeon Control A By-Law to regulate the keeping of pigeons and the feeding of birds. 2013-205, as amended
Plumbing A By-law relating to licensing, regulating and governing of Plumbers, Master Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors  202-2005
Procedural A By-Law to regulate the proceedings of Cornwall City Council. 2012-058, as amended
Property Standards A By-Law to establish standards for the maintenance and occupancy of a property. 2014-191
Sewer Construction A By-Law regulating the installation of sanitary and storm sewers. 001-2000
Sewer Use By-Law A By-Law regulating the discharge of wastes and sewage into the public sewers. 103-2003

A By-Law for prohibiting or regulating signage.

Amendments -2006-2011

057-1982 as amended
Smoking (Public) A By-Law to prohibit smoking near buildings owned by the City of Cornwall (i.e. Benson Centre, Civic Complex, etc). 2020-040, as amended
Solid Waste (Waste Collection) A By-Law to regulate the collection, removal and disposal of municipal solid waste in the City of Cornwall. 2019-034
Streets A By-Law regulating the uses of public property in the City of Cornwall. 056-2003
Tax Rates

A By-law to repeal and replace Schedule A of By-law 2018-067 to set the 2020 tax rates and to levy taxes for the year 2020

Taxi By-law

A By-law to regulate and licence the taxi industry within the City of Cornwall 

Traffic and Parking

A By-Law regulating non-moving traffic and parking violations.

Amendments from 1989 to 1998

Amendments from 1999 to 2005

Amendments from 2006 to 2012

Amendments from 2013 to 2017

Amendments from 2018 to current

069-1989, as amended
Vacant Buildings A By-Law to regulate and secure vacant and/or boarded up buildings. 2014-109
Vital Services A By-law respecting the provisions of vital services by landlords. 132-1999, as amended
Waterworks A By-law to provide for the Regulation of Water Supply 2016-019
Zoning Please click here to visit the Zoning By-law page. 751-1969, as amended


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