How to Apply

If you wish to live in one of the housing units owned by the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation, you must apply to the Housing Access Centre located at 340 Pitt Street, on the third floor. You will need to complete the social housing application form and provide the requested documentation.

For information on the application process, please visit the social housing program on the City of Cornwall website.

Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation offers quality, safe and affordable housing for seniors, families and adults.  The Corporation owns 720 senior apartments, 32 Affordable Housing units geared to non-seniors and 461 family units in Cornwall and the Three United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. 

We operate on a non-profit basis.  This means that rental income, plus the government subsidy is designed to cover just the cost of our normal operating costs, such as maintenance, administration, insurance, utilities and mortgages.  Since the amount of annual subsidy that we get from the government is a fixed amount, if we have high expenses for things like maintenance, we must cover the cost by raising the rents.  That is why it is important for everyone to do their best to look after their unit.

What is Affordable Housing?

Unit rents are set at below market levels but are not rent-geared-to-income; this means that rents charged are collected like any other landlord regardless of any changes that may occur in your financial circumstances.  To be eligible to live in this building you must earn less than the household income limits established by the Province.  Verification of your income is also required. 

What is Supportive Housing?

Persons residing in these units receive supportive services from Carefor  in order to help them live independently.    Persons who have special needs must submit an application to Carefor.

What is Rent-geared-to-income (RGI)?

Rent-geared-to-income is a form of housing assistance where a tenant's rent is calculated on 30 percent of a person's income, with some variance depending on utilities.

What is a Rent Supplement?

A rent supplement is an agreement with private landlords and CAHC.  The tenant pays a portion of the full monthly rent based on 30 percent of their monthly income and CAHC pays the difference to the landlord.


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