Paramedic reunites with family after responding to home delivery

Posted On Monday February 04, 2019

Amanda and Jessica Cassell made a special trip to Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services Headquarters on January 31.

The Cassells were reunited with Advanced Care Paramedic Steve Brown, who delivered Jessica on September 13, 2011, at mom Amanda’s home.

Jessica, now 7, weighed just 3 pounds, 12 ounces, when she was born at 33 weeks gestation.

“That whole day is a whirlwind,” remembered Amanda Cassell.

At 11:30 a.m., Amanda’s water broke, and the baby crowned. She called 911, and Amanda’s mother began preparing to deliver her grandchild on the bedroom floor.

ACP Brown was in the first response vehicle when he got the call. He said assisting with a complete delivery is uncommon.

“Some medics never do it,” said Brown. “It’s very rare.”

But it was apparent when he arrived that baby Jessica wasn’t waiting until she got to the hospital. About 10 minutes after Amanda’s water broke, Jessica was born.

“She was in a hurry to get here, and she hasn’t stopped yet,” said Amanda.

Mom and baby were transported to hospital by ambulance shortly after the delivery.

Amanda recently connected with Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services over Facebook, asking if she could thank the paramedic who delivered Jessica.

“I wanted to say thank you, even seven years later,” she said. “I’m forever grateful.”

Brown said, “I was quite excited when I heard they’d reached out. It’s a story I tell often, especially to new recruits.”

He said it is not often paramedics get to meet patients after treating them. Jessica presented Brown with a card which stated: “Hey thank you for giving me a safe life. P.S. I am 7 years old.”

Brown said expecting women should call 911 if they experience complications, abnormal bleeding or pain, or feel the delivery is imminent.

“It’s safer to call than to chance it,” he said.

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