What we heard: climate change survey

Posted On Monday December 13, 2021

After weeks of promotion and conversation, the climate change survey is now closed. More than 1,000 people filled out the survey, asked a question, or submitted artwork.

Future Climate Leaders and the City of Cornwall promoted the public engagement initiative widely through the months of October and November.

So, here’s what we heard:

  • Cornwall and Eastern Ontario residents are engaged, aware, and talking about climate change. They believe their municipality can have an impact on climate change and 72% wish to see the City do more.
  • There is a low level of awareness around the City’s current initiatives, including the new Sustainable Projects Coordinator, the Environment and Climate Change Committee, and the food waste plan. Continued communications efforts will help ensure residents are well-informed.
  • There is significant support for a Community Energy Plan, Climate Action Plan, and Climate/Extreme Weather Resiliency Plan for the city.
  • While most do not own an electric vehicle, 32% are considering investing in one.
  • The overwhelming majority support planting more trees in Cornwall – 93.5% of respondents.
  • Respondents often consider climate change when they shop (394) and travel (368). 443 always consider it when voting.

Demographic information:

  • Location: 768 respondents live in Cornwall, 284 in another Eastern Ontario community, and 22 outside of Eastern Ontario
  • Age: 237 are seniors (65+), 696 are adults, and 141 are youth (30 and under)
  • Gender: 632 respondents are female, 423 are male, 7 are non-binary, 12 checked the “other” option
  • Income: 342 are paid by the hour, 306 are salaried, 303 are retired, 123 checked the “other” option

What happens next:

Angela Parker, the City of Cornwall’s Sustainable Projects Coordinator, and Lee Theodore, Future Climate Leaders Project Coordinator, will continue to review the results and integrate the information into decision-making and communications efforts.

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