Yield to the city bus - it’s the law.

Posted On Tuesday August 13, 2019

Yield to the city bus - it’s the law.

The City of Cornwall, in partnership with the Cornwall Police Service, Cornwall Transit, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 946, is reminding motorists to yield to city buses.

Since 2004, motorists are required by law (Highway Traffic Act, section 142.1) to yield to transit buses when they signal their intention to re-enter the traffic stream.

“Our drivers’ first priority is the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists,” said Len Tapp, manager of Cornwall Transit. “We’re relying on motorists to do their part by yielding to merging buses.”

When a bus signals its intention to leave a bus stop by using its left turn signal, drivers approaching the bus from the rear in the next lane must slow down or stop and allow the bus to re-enter traffic, unless it is unsafe to do so.

Failing to yield to the bus can lead to a $110 fine.

Why yield to the bus?

  • Yielding makes it easier for city buses to merge back into traffic, and helps keep transit on schedule.
  • Yielding for buses merging into traffic makes transit service more efficient and reliable.
  • Yielding is also simply safer, and it’s the law: yield to the city bus.


To learn more about Cornwall Transit, please click here.

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