Notice - Annual fire hydrant testing and flushing

Posted On Monday April 15, 2019

The Department of Infrastructure & Municipal Works is undertaking annual maintenance of its fire hydrants and watermains.

Fire Hydrants are tested to ensure they are ready should our Fire services need to use them and also for flushing the watermains. Testing ensures that hydrants are in full working order and verifies their flow capacity.

In order to determine that a hydrant is capable of meeting fire flow requirements, City crews must open the hydrants and discharge water from the hydrant at a very high flow rate.

Fire hydrant testing and flushing may result in temporary inconveniences. Water discharged during testing disturbs sediments in the water distribution system. This results in brown or rust-coloured water and may also reduce regular water pressure.

If you detect brown or rust-coloured water, do not drink the water or wash your laundry. We recommend that you run the cold water taps in your home until the discolouration disappears.

Discoloured water is not harmful to your health, it can stain laundry. If your laundry is stained from discoloured water, please contact Municipal Works at (613) 932-5354.

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